No. 18 Pineapple slices poppin’ with New Look

Well now how is everybody this good Wednesday afternoon?!  I’m more than all right because I actually felt like taking pictures and blogging today!  Yayyyyy me amiright?!  Yall know I sew like the dickens but flicking it up and writing it down has been just  escaping me lately…I said I was going to change that and why not change it on the 1st of August?  Something about new beginnings make me feel like I’m not so out of touch with what I feel I should be doing…..

Now on to my dress yall….I loves me some pineapple and fabric even more so when the two combine its always a big arse YES from me……you never wanna not buy the fabric you know?……I snagged this fabric quite some time ago from Fabric Mart so when I decided to make New Look’s S0802 View C I took to my stash….I usually sew with knits so sewing with rayon this go ’round was a refreshing change…..the description on the fabric was “Burgundy/Pale Yellow/Sunflower Yellow Pineapple Slices 100% Rayon”….it didn’t slide around too much; if at all and the dress came together with no issues (I usually sew straight out of the envelope and hate the hell out of alterations)….I whipped this dress up on June 2nd this year and have worn it at least twice; I love this little dress!…it just slips over my head with no hardware–I omitted the button in the back because I didn’t have any elastic cord at the time and was too damned lazy to make a fabric loop instead….the pattern only had five pieces and it was labeled “easy”….I cut the size 16 and sewed it up using my guy Greyson, my Heavy Duty Singer sewing machine…..Since the fabric was so light and flow-y I used a heavier thread and sewed double lines on the hem and neckline to give it some weight~~it worked like a charm!….

Okay here are the pictures; my husband decided he would take them for me, it’s already 100+ degrees and these are really the best we could do before we passed out from the heat! LOLOL….Talk to you good folks soon I promise!….oh and if you want me to check out your makes just share em with me!….




my neighbors need to get the trashcans huh?….shiddddd its HOT!  LOL!







My cat snuck outside when we were taking pictures; she is quite nosy!  Yall see her on the porch?…


Now off to brave the heat because I need to go to the grocery store accckkkkkkk

No. 13 Purty pink Tweed w/ a side of tomato Red

Good evening all!  I hope all is well; and I am all right over here too….It has been a super chill weekend for me; I didn’t go anywhere!….I went straight home after work on Friday and been here ever since…Its been raining off and on all weekend so I’m taking full advantage of the natural cleanse….I am so spent with all the unfortunate events that I’ve personally experienced lately that I ultimately decided I should just stay home and recharge my batteries so to speak….Overall I’m not complaining but to continue to maintain I have to stay to myself for a bit and gather my thoughts….

Now alone doesn’t mean without my machines; and I’ve been leaning heavily on my craft lately for coping….If I’m not sewing then I’m looking at my magazines for ideas or adding cool pins to my Pinterest boards for inspo….I’ve been sewing stuff since Friday too; I’ve sewn a blazer and matching skirt but my latest make prompted this post….I’ll probably blog the blazer and skirt when I actually wear it so I can show off a pair of my favorite boots….

After my first makes of the weekend the sewing bug kept biting so I decided to whip up Simplicity’s 1950’s Vintage Pattern #1319 View A….I thought about View B; never considered View C until I looked at it a little more closely…..I had cut the pattern out a while ago but I had never got around to sewing it….the pattern only has 7 pattern pieces including the lining…I took to my stash: Pink/Magenta/Multi 100% Novelty Weave Boucle’ Suiting and Tomato Red Poly/Lycra ITY Knit by Maggy London….I snagged ’em from Fabric Mart quite some time ago…they worked well with this pattern and sewed up good!….I made two mistakes while sewing this project and let me tell you that unpicking tweed is real beast-y….it was quite messy too; I mean fibers all over the damn place….No pain, no gain yeah?  Yeah.

I scanned the pattern instructions before I got started and wrote down a few modifications…I added extra bunching on the sleeves by using a knit for the lining; I lengthened them too…the mock pockets were omitted as well although I still might add those one day….I always love when my ideas make sense and actually work out!…Now when I took the pictures I didn’t take any of the flip side…If I remember to when I wear it I’ll share ’em….And speaking of pictures let me share some…..Talk to you good folks in a few!



Tis’ purty huh?….I told yall!


Side one….sleeeeeeevvvveeeesssss!!!!!


Back shot….tweed-y goodness!


Side two…


Yesteryear for today my way…..