emotional ME

Hey Hey Hey!….I have been posting photos of my latest sewing creations but have not said much….I just made another sale!…Yayyy me?…I still dont know how to feel about people liking my sewing enough to spend money on my items….is that weird?…why do I feel like that?….I like, well actually love my things and treasure each one but its still weird to me for people to be so interested…I want to share my sewing with others; I just dont want to hear criticism (I have not heard any, even if some have been said)……my skin isn’t as thick as I would like to think it is…..along with all my many thoughts, I like their smiles and kind words because they look and seem truly happy and excited to own a MsKRS creation….I am glad they are….I truly am….I think lol!….:)

Cheerful Chicas and Cobalt

Check out my new lables!…I love them…..

Created this small tote bag FOR ME today with some scrap fabric I bought from Lisa Lam!…arent those little ladies soooo cute!? 🙂

The scrap bag came with a strip of this fabric too so I used it as an embellishment for the matching zippered insert for the tote…..

My camera created this type of photo on its own…I thought it was pretty cool so I posted it…..:)

The set together….the tote is small but oh so cute!…I used it tonight when I went Thanksgiving shopping for goodies….:)

Picasa has some cool features huh?….:)
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