No. 7 Two piece and a biscuit

Evenin’ everybody!…I’m sitting here watching the telly, thumbing through my sewing magazines, and anticipating whatever fresh hell I’ll encounter tomorrow in the workplace….I’ve been sewing my little heart out ever since I got home from work Friday evening; I just freshened up and decided I may as well blog again….I’ve made some super cute stuff […]

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No. 6 “Gathering” my thoughts

Saturday afternoons are usually always good so I wont spend time asking if everyone is okay…you should be and if you’re not fix it!….I’m doing my usual; admiring my ever-growing fabric stash, sewing up pretties, and half-arsed watching Frasier….**by the way does anyone know why Netflix asks if you’re still watching all the time?…I mean […]

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No. 5 Butterick; not margarine…..

Good evening all!…I hope all is well with everybody; I’m doing all right too….Not doing too much this evening except laundry and relaxing before the work week…but earlier this evening I wrapped up another one of my sewing spells with some mending and UFOs…now I don’t care for repairs; and the UFOs are usually so […]

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No. 4 Jiffy again! (not cornbread)

Howdy everybody!  How’s this good Sunday going for you all?…I hope well; I’m all right too…Just sitting her watching Snapped and eating a salami sandwich….This share is about a dress I made quite a while ago; in January to be exact….I whipped up Simplicity pattern #1252….There is only one view with this pattern but two […]

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