No. 19 The Sunday Dress; you know easy like…..

Good afternoon y’all and I hope everything is as well as possible….As I mentioned before I would try to share more of my makes instead of keeping all the goodness to myself so yeah!!….On to this pretty dress that’s full of color and happy face stuff….

First of all the fabric is from my beloved Hancock’s Fabrics….both pieces have been in my stash for quite some time; I was on an eyelet kick when I first started sewing so as soon as I saw them I snatched ’em up…..thought about making an A-line skirt a long time ago but I didn’t have enough yardage; or so I thought….I didn’t think about the color-blocking thing until I decided to make the dress….the color-blocking thing for the A-line skirt may work better with different colors now that I think about it…..

The pattern is another one from one of my favorite books** Chic and Simple Sewing by Christine Haynes**...its called The Sunday Dress and the example in the book is whipped up in Black eyelet; and its sooooo pretty….I hardly ever follow the pattern’s fabric suggestions but for some reason I knew I had to use eyelet for this dress….I sew with knits more often than not no matter what the pattern says but this particular dress would not shine as bright without using eyelet I swea’ fo Lawd….yayyyyy me for having a fabric buying issue with four yards to create with amiright?!…I had a slight problem with the waistband (I was tired asf); I couldn’t figure out the pieces to a friggin’ waistband (crazy right?) but this morning I found them to be cut totally wrong so yeah it wasn’t going to work that day or any other day…..when I started the dress that epiphany escaped me and I chucked it in the corner of shame and immediately started another project which was a simple tank top that turned out to be a fail and is now in the corner of shame too because it needed bias tape but I didn’t have the right color so I decided to finish the neck a different way and okay I’m rambling LOLOLOL….   okay yeah that sewing session had a lot of sewing mishaps to say the least…but for some reason I couldn’t get the damn dress out of my mind yesterday so I when I got up this morning I decided to figure it out…the tank top is another story and that lopsided mess may never see the light of day!…the dress was saved with a little rest and re-cutting so lemme share the pictures because I can literally talk about something, well pretty much anything sewing all day….

–side note– the dress didn’t call for a lining on the skirt but the eyelet holes are much bigger than the example fabric used in the book….should I do a short lining or try and go naughty like the pattern suggests?…lemme know!…(oh and share blog links to sewing goodness)….Talk to you good people soon!


The Sunday Dress
close up of the bodice
Another shot in front of my super awesome button fro picture….
Finished the dress up on Greyson….
Started the dress on my Janome
Black eyelet is now on my list of fabrics I need in my stash; who knew?….a yellow piece too, and orange….


No. 17 “Designer’s Inspiration” Simplicity

Whattttt??!! Another blog post so soon??!! Well yeah because I’ve been off work for the past few days and I’ve had the energy to do what I actually want to do!  Go figure!…Well this post is about a new make;  it was finished just today!….Now, a little dialogue….

Yesterday I was in my sewing room really wanting to sew but I didn’t know if I wanted to sew something hella extra or just something quick and easy…I was also tidying up the house and doing laundry….long story short I took a nap and when I woke up I started “sewing”….you know the process of looking around your sewing space, messing with stuff that you’re not going to use, and sifting through patterns….This pattern has been in my stash for quite some time; a few years to be exact….I snagged it from my beloved Hancock’s Fabrics when I first started sewing….I’m almost certain I hadn’t sewn it because at the time I wasn’t very good at installing hardware and had no clue that it wasn’t necessary all the time….Sewwww while sifting away I found the lovely again…There are six views; three for the day and three for the evening…they’re all very feminine and pretty….One of my Instagram sewing friends suggested I sew View F initially but I ended up sewing View A….exactly the same cut but View F is a maxi version….I see myself making View F in a light, flowy fabric for the Spring and Summer like my friend suggested….

Awww Lawd I’m rambling again and haven’t mentioned the actual dress!  Okay here we go: I started it yesterday evening and finished it today; its Simplicity 2308 View A….I cut the size 14, which is the largest size on the envelope….The fabric is from Fabric Mart and its been in my stash for for a spell….its a sturdy knit fabric (but of course) and the description reads: “Dusty Pink/Black Poly/Lycra Box Plaid Ponte Knit 54W”….No alterations except the elimination of the hardware which would’ve been a 20″ zipper and a couple buttons….I cut the back piece on the fold too because of the hardware ditch….When I make the other views I’ll probably add them because the fabrics I have in mind wont hold up well enough without it….My knits have no problem standing on their own…..The pleats on the neckline gave me fits for no good reason and after three tries I just let it be…the side ones were okay but the middle one just would not cooperate…the fabric often has a mind of its own….Sewing moo-ju-juju! LOL…Well I’m feeling like whipping up something else so I’ll share the pictures….As always talk to me, share with me, direct me to all the best sewing stuff you can find!

Until next time yall!

Love,  MsKRS


Turned out very nice yeah?


Side one


Back view


Side Two


Zoom in to see the different day and evening views!


The pattern of the hour! Pretties for every time of the day! I can dig it!


Belle modeling; Pink Cookie in the background kinda too “free”…I need to make her something to wear!



No. 16 70’s Baby in 70’s gear

Yall!!!!!  I haven’t blogged in too long and for that I want to start this post out with an apology and virtual hug!…My February/Black History Month is off to a okay start and I’m grateful….Now I’ve been sewing sooooo much like nonstop but to blog about em; yeah that’s a whooollleee different story….Recently I told myself I was going to blog more and to be more dedicated to my cool beans of a craft….I may be getting more time to do just that (wink-wink stay tuned)….Right now today I’m sitting here with my GRANDbaby watching Forensic Files and roasting up a chicken….She’s doing something on her tablet; ABC Mouse it may be…’s smelling really Sunday dinner-ish up in here!…..I gotta figure out some kinda side dishes to make with the bird…..Okay now to share one of the many projects I done’ made recently…..

By now y’all know my love of vintage stuff and yesteryear; this outfit is one of many that I’ve whipped up but have basically kept hostage from my peeps on accident somewhat hahahahaha….well no more; for this outfit anyway……The pattern is circa 1974Simplicity 6326 View 2 Easy Cut Easy Sew Jiffy Knits pattern….it only came in one size; “Miss Size 14 Bust 36” AND aint none of these my size! LOLOL luckily knits are so forgiving.…this pattern actually called for knits (my absolute favorite fabric everrr, most of my patterns are for knits) so I referred to my beloved, ever-growing stash and dug out a printed knit I’ve been hoarding of course for no good reason….the fabric sewed up beautifully (which is one of the reasons why I love knits) and fit the pattern perfectly….it’s so comfy and easy to wear although those waistlines were quite high back in the day….no matter; the high waist definitely helps with the chubby hiding thingy I do…..did a couple alterations too; I didn’t add any hardware and I eliminated the butterfly collar….I didn’t really care for it–I cut it out and “set” it but ended up chucking it in the end….I’ll probably make the outfit again though; and the collar then because I kinda liked it on the envelope; maybe because it was in a contrast color on there….::prints and knits are two of my weaknesses just random FYI::….the collar seemed like it was too busy when I tried to add it this go ’round though…..overall the outfit is a really cool addition to my closet so I know it’ll remain in rotation….Vintage wins again peeps and I got a buncha’ crazy pictures to show y’all as proof…..any questions about this ‘fit just ask me, anything to show me just share, and I’ll talk to you good folks soon!

Always,  MsKRS

Pattern of the hour!
Yeah; the sash was kinda snug LOL!
I love this filter so much; it really makes it look like a back in the day picture….I look so much like my parents and family!

No. 15 Churnin’ Butterick; patterns that is….

Well howdy everybody and I hope you are enjoying this easy Sunday…Of course I am utterly and completely dreading going back to the rat race tomorrow but my sewing room is the BEST way for me to ease back into it…Been sewing so many things but of course no blogging nor pictures…I don’t have an excuse though; just a story (forgive me)….it’s in my plans to share, it is in the plans….This dress forced me to blog it though; the process was quite interesting; check it…..

It all started Sunday July 23, 2017; which I know was another therapy session because of the fresh hell I face weekly with my gig…..I remember that day because I was fiddling around in my sewing space and I couldn’t figure out what to sew…I was binging MadMen on Netflix and that moved me toward my vintage stash… I rummaged I kept running across these “weenie dog” type dress patterns; you know the ones with the super dropped waistline?…yeah,those….now I can’t bear to part with any old school pattern even though I may NEVER sew it and this particular style was filed under that category…..

Fast forward a bit (because I decided to go ahead and sew the style) to the fabric choice being “Coral/Citrus/ White Pineapple Print 100% Cotton Shirting” that reminded it should be washed gently; meh…..The print cheered me up and I went to work with only two yards so I Tim Gunn’d it….Pineapples every damn where!…My kinda party though cause it was wild! LOL…..The pattern is Butterick 3578 Size 16 Bust 36….Extra Quick ‘N Easy pattern with only four main pattern pieces….That’s what lured me in: Only four main pattern pieces….Now I am usually a speedy seamstress but this dress was drawn out until today!…That Sunday I started it I really thought I would have finished it that night but was stopped dead in my tracks because the pattern called for a lining….now I shoulda’ known it was going to need something because there were no facing pieces; just wasn’t thinking like at all….So I take to my stash and find thee perfect lining fabric that’s the same Coral color is the dress fabric….I supposed with all the fabric decisions and huge darts in the dress I got tired and went to sleep…..

Day number two started on Tuesday July 25, 2017….Installed the lining and was reminded of how tedious linings can be—-and more importantly of how necessary they are with certain garments for cool structure and finishes….

Day three was yesterday; Saturday July 29, 2017…..More tinkering with this dress…This UFO doesn’t bother me for some reason and the time span is making me love the dress more….it’s literally SLOWLY becoming one of my faves….I got a new Ott Lite for my space too which is thee perfect addition….it added just the right amount of light without being in the way of my machines…..Went ahead and got a new iron …this time a little cheap-y one; a Sunbeam….it has a lotttt of steam though… other one just quit steaming all together….now an iron is quite pointless without steam in my game which is why I put my other one in storage….the new one ” aint all dat” but it’ll do for now….(I’ll probably order my beloved Oliso tonight; my soul is telling me I should LOLOL)…..Anyway I got so far as installing the lining and I quit again….the lining and had a buncha’ hand sewing involved and I wasn’t interesting in any more sewing after that….

Now today was the showdown….I installed the hook and eye!!!!!!! Bahahahahahahahahahahahaha!…that is all I did today for my dress!….I even hemmed it yesterday too; I forgot about that……but it’s done….I couldn’t find my bees wax for the first session of the hand sewing and it was flat irritating….I started digging around in here and finally found it though….Now lets see if I can pull off another one of my MadMen shenanigans……Here’s my new girl —–>:


the pattern of the hour…..


Its kinda pretty yeah?…..we’ll see….








I forgot all about quitting because I had to do the zipper….I put the zip in yesterday too….it was also from yesteryear…..a Talon brand zipper I got from one of my thrifting trips…..It was the perfect size; after I had to look through every single zipper in my possession….this dress, this dress….I better look darling in it!








Need to do a final press and she’s ready to go…..Has anyone sewn anything similar lately?…Ever?….Show me your makes!

No. 14 Modern retro blooms; a McCall’s caller of course…..

Hey y’all hey!  Now of course my blog gotta start talking smack as soon as I logged on; saying I haven’t blogged in four months!  Four months!?!? ….now that makes no sense at all; but I do have purty dress to share this afternoon…. and I’ve been sewing a’plenty during my hiatus but alas, no sharing and for that I apologize…

This afternoon I present my latest make: McCall’s Fashion Star M6552 (this pattern debuted in 2012)….I so miss that show a whole lot…the contestants made designs for Macy’s, Saks, and similar chains….I like Project Runway too and get quite wrapped up in the designs but they are so NOT ME……very beautiful, well some of ’em….but the majority of the others are just not my forte’ at all….but I basically liked everything I saw on Fashion Star….the clothes were “normal” instead of some crazy challenge garment made with parachute material!….anyway, this is one of ’em…..

First of all the fabric just feeds my soul y’all, it’s the modern retro thing I do like all the time so it just works you know?….I snagged the fabric from Fabric Mart a few months back…the description is just as awesome as the fabric itself: “Plum/Stone Blue/Goldenrod/Multi Large Retro Floral Print Rayon/L” <—COOL, amiright??….I cut the medium; only because if I would have cut the small “the girls” would have protruded so far out my favorite guy would have certainly been quite concerned…the large would have the same effect with the addition of the neckline dropping down a little too far South….Remember J. Lo’s little green number??…not a good look at the grocery store or family BBQ yikes! …..the neckline is hella fierce though with the deep “V”,  which is one of my favorite features of the pattern….the pattern was labeled “easy” which it actually was for a nice change…..there were only three main pattern pieces with a neckline facing and drawstring for the other two…..Made a couple modifications to the pattern though….the drawstring was cut out, casing sewn in and everything only for me NOT to like that feature with the fabric after the fact….After careful observation I ended up grabbing Clover (my seam ripper) and taking the channel out….I made a quick sash instead….I suppose I’m a sash kinda gal….although the cinch waist works much better with solids IMO…..This pattern required three yards of prettiness to whip up….

I’m still in the lab (my sewing room) and I’ve been stalking Pinterest for new inspo….Pinterest doesn’t help much though because it makes you want to sew up every damn thang and you can’t make up your mind!…I love that time suck though, I really do…..I have some striped sweater knit swagged on Belle too trying to get the creative wheels rolling….I’ll share the pictures now; maybe I’ll get some ideas from all these patterns and books stuffed in my sewing space….till next time y’all good people!  *don’t laugh at my pictures; I’m still refusing to upgrade my little Coolpix or use my guy’s awesome Nikon he has….old habits die hard I suppose*



the prettieness of the hour…..DSCN3564

check out that neckline….I gottsta’ be careful when I wear this little numba’!…..


the pattern of the hour…..DSCN3577

the sewing foot of the hour….





No. 12 Pain-y sewing with a purty color

Now this evening I’m feeling very down; one of my cats passed away yesterday out of no where.  He wasn’t a senior cat nor was he sick.  We just don’t know what happened and needless to say I have quite the headache from the thoughts of him being gone and the tears.  I won’t talk to much about it because frankly it’s quite hurtful.  Luckily I have sewing as therapy and I promise you I used it today to ease the pain….

I started my first make of the year this past Thursday and it would’ve been finished that day however my Granddaughter came over and took over my night.  I was barely able to cut it out between her hiding under the table pulling the fabric down to her wanting me to pick her up.  Yesterday was no good because of what I mentioned in the beginning of this post.  So today I decided to take my mind off of it all and go ahead and finish my top.  This is the second time I’ve sewn this top but the first time I blogged it.  If you fancy seeing the first one it’s pictured on my Instagram.  Yall, I LOVE this pattern.  Like totally LOVE it….its such a easy and cool sew; its just something about those old school patterns that gets me every time.  The instructions page is so freshly encouraging and the instructions themselves are always so easy to follow.  Such a refreshing change to sewing these “new wave” patterns that are often so purposely difficult and sometimes flat out wrong.  I’m a vintage kinda gal for sure.

The Cowl Neck Top~~”Simplicity  E.S.P. is the Extra Sure Pattern–for fool-proof sewing…for time-saving…for fit…for fabric direction…for fashion…for Extra Sewing Pleasure, the E.S.P. pattern does it.  

  • new, easier sew-sure pattern
  • specially developed shortcuts to sewing
  • three-size pattern for sure fit
  • one fabric width most appropriate to design
  • fashion tips to stretch your wardrobe

For you …today’s busy woman…our Extra Special Person…we make beautiful use of your time!  You want good fashion…The Cowl Top is versatile, it’s casual, sportive…in a glitter knit, it’s a glamorous evening top.  You can wear it with jeans… or a velveteen skirt.  

When they include words like this it makes me think they knew me personally!!! (Even though I was only two at the time!)  I mean they mentioned glitter knit come on!!!!  Yep, I’ll say the folks at Simplicity know me realllllyyyyy well!

I whipped up Simplicity’s E.S.P #8111; this pattern made its debut in 1977.  It’s described as a Misses Pullover Top/the Cowl Neck Top and I cut the 16.  It only has 4 pattern pieces with no facings or anything else fussy which makes you wanna whip up ten of ’em in a row!  The pattern calls for knits (as usual cause yall know knits are my absolute fave) and I took to my stash and pulled out some sweater knit that was buried under some denim pieces I’m currently hoarding.  The fabric’s description was just as cool as the pattern’s are.   The fabric is 100% Poly Sheer Fuzzy Sweater Knit in the color “Hyacinth”.  Merriam-Webster describes the color as a “light to moderate purple” but I thought about the flower when I saw the color.  I got the fabric from Fabric Mart which is doing an beyond awesome job of filling the void of losing my beloved Hancock’s Fabrics by the way.  Thank yall folks at Fabric Mart kindly for that too!  Okay I’ve rambled long enough so I’ll share the pictures and talk to you good people soon!



Front View of my new Cowl Neck Top…gone’ ‘head Simplicity!  dscn3541

a close-up of the cowl


Side view one


Shot of the back


Side view two


No. 11 The New Year is finally here! Yay?

Good evening everybody!  First off I wanna apologize for the absence but life happens and there is simply no escaping it….believe me I try and try everyday….Not all unpleasant stuff but life still the same….I’m not even complaining either….hell it is what it is…..I’m still here and still buying fabric so I’m leaning towards the “glass is half full (and refillable)” type thing at this point….

I decided for the intro to this year I would show a little bit of my sewing room and stuff in the corners of it….My sewing space is my oasis I swear; I don’t feel anything but LOVE when I’m in there….I have so many things in there that remind me love does still exist in this world and I need reminding more than ever nowadays….a 10×13 photo of my Mama; it’s actually one of her senior pictures…she looks angelic wearing a string of pearls; pretty girls wear pearls you know….there’s a cowrie shell on my inspo wall with a bit of history attached to it given to me from one of my besties….a music box with a tiny bit of storage in the shape of an old school Singer machine; I love Singer machines….a cool card that does a catcall whistle from my Huny; it sits right next to my beloved sewing books…. literally there is sweetness in every corner….and of course my machines and countless pieces of fabric…I have 30lbs. of fabric on the way this week too…I may or may not have a problem! LOL!….I believe the next post will have a newly whipped up garment or at least me wearing some creation(s) I never got around to sharing…..

Next up is a few pictures I snapped earlier in between doing my laundry and cooking dinner….nothing fancy because I’m still refusing to use the new camera but these flicks still show my space and some of the stuff that’s everywhere in there….Well here’s a little peek into my space!….HAPPY NEW YEAR YALL!



That card I was talking about earlier; my ham, sewing books, Best Press starch, and my sewing machine shaped music box….There are some tie-dye kits under my ham but they’re hard to see….Yall see that crab on top of my John Saul books?…I’ve had it ever since I was 15 years old!

dscn3520Two of my Singer machines; none of them have names except the one on the right….His name is Greyson…Somebody told me that the quality of the Singer machines has gone down….I obviously do NOT agree…my chair pincushion found at Tuesday Morning; another score!


The mug was given to me from a patient; it holds some of my scissors and purty rotary cutter….that tin is from the thrift store and its full of buttons…it was my Mama’s; the buttons and all…the Black purse back there is also full of buttons…that Black and Orange contraption is supposed to be a sharpener but I’ve NEVER used it…..


More scissors and some cool rulers too….I use them quite often now which lets me know my skills are expanding…Yay me amiright????…all three of those containers came from my favorite local thrift store….the mug was made by a crafty person in my family; she got the idea from Pinterest….my wrist pin cushion comes in handy; my back pain has subsided a whole lot ever since I got it….no more awkward twisting trying to hold the fabric and get a pin at the same time!


Super cool pattern paper, my L ruler and yard stick, machine covers and packing tape stuffed in my dye bucket….my Huny put markings on my bucket for accurate measuring–yaaassssssss!!!!!


My Brothas!…my serger is quite loud IMO but it does what I need it to do….the sewing machine has my walking foot on it so I use it quite a bit…very smooth sewing with uniform stitching…. I need a coverstitch machine but I’m waiting on that one good sale….


My Pink Lady….She is here only because she’s Pink….I was not in the market for a new machine nor did I need another one…she sews like a dream though and kinda old school too; she has a manual bobbin!….just as pretty as she can be….dscn3530

Blue looking wide eyed (he’s a Pound Puppy replica I made in my high school sewing class); he’s the keeper of this corner of  sewing stuff which includes stationary in my polka dot duffel bag, my hat boxes handed down to me from my Mama (they’re all stuffed with sewing stuff like bag handles and fat quarters) and a couple of sewing boxes tucked in the back.  dscn3531

Basket o’ trims…there’s so much good stuff in here!….lots of do-dads and knick-knacks all for jazzing stuff up!


Patterns galore, a bolt of muslin, fluff for my GRANDbaby’s doll (I haven’t decided what doll to whip up yet but I did use it to stuff Belle’s bra for fitting),  a super cool animal print stool I found at Tuesday Morning…I had been wanting a stool and found the perfect one there….that place has plenty sewing and craft stuff too; check it out if your city has one….they do not disappoint.


More sewing stuff for bag making and my Mama’s tracing wheels….I remember playing with ’em when I was little…ahhhhh nostalgia at its finest….


My out of control fabric stash..a hot mess I’ll tell you what!…I’m due to rearrange it all when the latest shipment comes in…I wanna try rolling my pieces instead of folding em…maybe that’ll give me more room….

dscn3538My Friend/Sister gave me these; they’re ALL from yesteryear and I LOVE them….I’ve been sewing from them ever since I got em and they’ve since become one of my prized possessions….Sewing is LIFE….