No. 3 Sew all the knits; LOVE

How are you good people this evening?….I’m all right; just sitting here watching Snapped and tinkering around in my sewing space….I just finished my first Vogue pattern today (just the hem was left) but this post isn’t about that make….Y’all know me; I done took it way back to some makes from last year….the skirt was whipped up in September of last year and the top in July….I just now got around to wearing em both; well I think I wore the top once before but I didn’t take any pictures when I did….

Before my sewing stuff let me share this:
Earlier I got up and went to Buy Buy Baby to get my GRANDbaby a new car seat and I must say I love that store….it was my first time shopping there; they have some good stuff…expectant moms, newborns, infants, toddlers, school aged kiddos, they’ve covered them all…if you have one in your area go and visit…its nice and has that “baby smell” as soon as you walk in!….a little slice of baby heaven I tell you what (in my Hank Hill voice)…..
Now being as though I sew all the damn time I cannot possibly share everyday; although I do realllllyyyyy want to..(shrugs shoulders)…My little modest Nikon;  I still have not figured the timed piccies out **le sigh** and my Huny’s equipment I don’t dare mess with…but my BabyGirl is visiting this weekend so I snagged her to take a few piccies!….this outfit was so quick and easy to put together…when I got up I knew I was going to wear these two makes…I didn’t want to fuss this morning with this, that, or the other AND I was having a crazy hair day on top of that…. I wore one of my Mama’s headscarves to help me through….
Since I sewed the pieces up so long ago I can’t remember much pattern information; although if y’all want it I will definitely get it….I did find out when I went through my Instagram piccies that the skirt is Simplicity 1616 View D…the pattern called for every fabric but knits…However I hardly ever follow rules so the Blue knit w/ White ticking was my defiant go-to….the top was whipped up using a pretty floral knit fabric as well (this pattern was for knits if I’m not mistaken)….the knits were both the same weight; on the lighter side which made them perfect for today’s 100+ degree weather….
Earlier I kinda lost my mojo too and started looking at sewing instead of actually sewing something **I hate when I do that**….Low and behold in one of my sewing baskets I noticed a denim clutch I had cut out at least a month or so ago….I whipped it up real quick and got my mojo back…this Gingham in my stash is calling me now and I have some linen I wanna mess with too….Okay I’m rambling….Let me share these flippy pictures and y’all don’t forget to direct me to your makes!…I wanna see! LOL


Comfy MsKRS


Back shot


I look pudgy again…I swear I ain’t…well, maybe I am!


Top+Skirt=Simplicity Goodness


Another back shot…I love this little ensemble….


No. 2 With all the petty sh*t going on…..

What’s going on my good people?  How is everybody this afternoon?….I hope well; I ‘m just sitting here watching Frasier on Netflix and eating a Circus Animal cookie ice cream cone….I’m okay around these parts as well with the exception that I burned my wrist beyond belief last Saturday and it still hurts soooooo bad…I called myself making a BLT…..the bacon was baked in the oven..I pulled the doggone pan and out and the grease from the catch pan rolled right over my wrist…a splash hit my leg too but my wrist is completely thrashed….I would post pictures but right now its so hurtful looking I don’t believe it’d be right showing it to folks….I’m still sewing right on through the pain though (oh hell yes, accccckkkkk *wincing*)…..

Any ole’ way I got up this morning with the intention of making a sundress to wear some time this weekend if I decided to go visit….I looked at the patterns I pulled out and for some reason my eyes set on the petticoat of a skirt pattern that I also wanted to at least get cut out….that pattern is McCall’s M6706 which has 5 views plus petticoat instructions too…I said eff it and decided that the petticoat is what I’d be whipping up….with my MadMen addiction I should have made one a long time ago but my sewing is just like me...Ca-razy!.…I  took to my stash which had the perfect sheer polka dot fabric that of course I’d been hoarding for at least 2-3 years….I bought it online from Hancock’s Fabrics and when it arrived I had absolutely no idea what I was going to do with it…mainly because I didn’t even know it was sheer; I didn’t bother to pay attention….I instantly thought of it today though….the pattern called for a contrast fabric so I pulled a piece of hot pink sheer fabric to pair with it….Now I don’t care for sewing with sheer and slick fabrics but their drape is just as pretty as they wanna be……sometimes you have to; and I own plenty of “slinky” fabrics ironically….smdh….the damn thang came out right cute….

When it was finished I asked my Huny if he liked it right?…yall know he gives “colorful”answers when I ask him if he likes my creations….An opinion of one of my skirts was: No Babe dont wear that wierd looking skirt from the 1800’s!….now I like vintage stuff but not that far back!! ::crackin’ up::..He sized my petticoat up the same way….its sheer so he says– its nice but where are you going in that?…I explained that it was in fact an undergarment and again all was well!…gotta love him amIright?…hell it is 108 degrees this afternoon so its sheerness almost made sense anyway!..

Well let me share the pictures now; and see what else I can whip up this afternoon…thoughts of outside coincide with spontaneous combustion at the moment so I’ll be sewing well into the night to avoid that occurrence…hahahahahaha!…share your makes and thoughts with me!



Isn’t she lovely? (in my Stevie Wonder voice)


Pink Cookie modeling my new digs…I couldn’t use the natural light from outside well; because its HOT….


the petticoat pattern isn’t pictured on the front; but it is on the back….instructions simple and easy to follow…it came together fast and easy….


My Singers were my helpers today…I bought a new gathering foot and Greyson was the only one who could fit it….

DSCN3398 (2)

my little stool; well just because its cute and I love it…a Tuesday Morning find and for cheap too…I believe it was on sale for $5 bucks!….I sat on it to take pictures….










No.1 MsKRS’ Pink Stitches and a skirt

Well now this takes me back….I haven’t blogged in a while and I miss it so….I’ve been sewing so many things (as usual) but the blogging part of it has escaped me…..Notice the change?….Yeah, I finally followed through with my threat of having a paid blog….I like the freedom!…I may or may not transport the content of my old blog into this one; thus far it has proven to be quite the headache….”Out with the old in with the new” may have to be the solution….I don’t mind though; I have plenty of stuff to share on my shiny, new blog!

Now this post is about yet another pretty but strange piece of fabric that turned out to be something awesome….that happens quite often in my sewing life because if I like it I’m buying it…I’ll use it one day is my saying when buying fabric…I shop a lot online so its always sight unseen…I have a loooottttt of unusual fabrics in my stash….the one used to make my skirt was no different….the description on the fabric was as follows: Black/Aqua/Blue/Purple Cotton/Lycra Paisley Border Print Sateen”…..what the hell? LOL the longest name ever amiright?….the fabric store had to sub the long named fabric for what I actually received so I believe my fabric is some sort of tablecloth fabric….nevertheless I still love it…. so of course when said today is the day I make my Mimi G. Regal Maxi skirt I went looking for it…It’s heavy weight in terms of fabric; she suggested a shantung….I never, ever follow any sewing rules sooooo…..I understand why she suggested the shantung or something similar though, but I solved that too…the video teaching how to make it was awesome and super easy to follow and I know I’ll be making this skirt many more times….I have two fabrics in mind right now….

When I was in the process of making it my Hunny describes my skirt as a “weird 1800’s skirt”…Kinda harsh yeah?…but in his defense I looked pretty puffy when I was fitting myself for the waist band….I made it too big at first and the fit was pretty unflattering….but today when he saw Pink Cookie modeling it for my pictures he recanted his unfavorable description of my Regal Maxi….its REGAL for crying out loud! hahahaha!….gotta love his honesty…..anyway I’m rambling like I tend to do so I’ll share the pictures now…

Let me know how you like the new space!…Share your new makes with me!….Has anyone made this skirt lately or something similar?…Let me know!



MsKRS’ Regal Maxi




Side shot…oh and it has pockets….


sash I just winged with the leftover fabric….


Look at all this jazz….I love this skirt more every time I look at it….a top to wear with it coming up!




McCall’s for the cold

Good evening y’all!…I’m sitting here debating on whether to start a new project; which is another dilemma because I want a new bag and dress at the same damn time….It’ll probably be a bag; I did have that idea first…..I want a new dress too…..I’ve been on the lookout for some Ankara and mud cloth pieces too but I haven’t found any of those yet either…If I had some of that I’d be making a skirt for sure….I’m already rambling huh? LOLOL! I got a lotta sewing ideas swirling and they don’t stop for nothing…so I decided to write about it!
I’ve been making quite a bit of cold weather stuff lately but I haven’t had time to talk about ’em just yet…In the last few weeks I’ve made a cape, and blazer, two cardigans (that my daughter claimed as her own), and the coat I’mma show yall in a few….all whipped up out of awesome pieces I snagged at my favorite Hancock’s Fabrics…..
The coat is a cute little McCall’s pattern ~ #M7256 I bought on sale a little while ago….I made View A; I left the sleeve flounce off because I didn’t really like it…I even cut it out and pinned in on because I sometimes change my mind about liking a feature but nahhhh not this time….I thought about lengthening the sleeves but I decided to leave them the length they were without the flounce…I had my cute bracelets in mind when I made up my mind about the quarter sleeves….I’ll model it soon with my arm candy (wink:wink)….
I made my new coat out of some pretty, lightweight tweed I had in my stash for a while…the tweed is a pretty light green…..the sleeves are denim…kinda wanted some contrast this go ’round….I also lined my new coat with some Periwinkle-colored linen I had definitely been hoarding…that linen made for a warm and comfy lining too…its a medium weight instead of the thinner, see-through ones….the tweed has lots of specks of colors and Periwinkle was one of  ’em…the linen I used matched perfectly…I like when that happens!….the pictures don’t at all do the coat’s colors justice…I showed out with this one…although I believe I’ll be making a one or two more adjustments to it….
The pattern was surprisingly easy to sew because coats can be tricky sometimes….I like working with the fabrics too; they weren’t too unravel-y or slippery….and the pattern envelope didn’t even say “easy”….I often wonder do they mislabel the patterns sometimes….I swear every time one says easy its everything but….but when you think a pattern may be a challenge it turns out to be cool breeze….(shrugs shoulders)….Sewing’s like that sometimes…..Here’s a few pictures of the coat…When I wear it I’ll share it again….maybe the colors will pop in the natural sunlight….talk to you good folks soon!

Side View….

Shot of the back…..

                                                      I like this part of the coat….its pretty cool…

                                         MsKRS’ McCall’s M7256 View A (minus the sleeve flounce)

Butterick and the Mystery

Well hello everybody!…I figured I had better say something before the end of the doggone year because its creeping up on us so quick!….I don’t care for “holidays” for a variety of reasons I will not bore y’all with but all my folks know I’m usually the one not all that enthused….I do like how it makes others behave though; seems like folks are more polite and even smile more….I enjoy the slight change….I do like the New Year thing though…not all the partying and getting drunk as eva’ but the fresh change I always feel when its January 1st…..I always feel so strong, energized, and ready for new, positive changes….
I swear I’ve been sewing sewwwww much (pun intended) but I haven’t blogged or really taken any pictures….I keep telling myself over and over again that I’m going to start taking pictures every week….and blog more for that matter…New Year plans?…yeah buddy; I even got a new laptop!…This is my first post on it!….I wasn’t in the market for one; my other one just started freaking out all of a sudden…although it isn’t totally fried it was becoming a giant pain to deal with….Now would you look at me just rambling!…
well okay this post is about a couple makes I really liked sewing and wearing….Now you know I cant find the pattern number for the Kimono (I know its on my Instagram but I was too lazy to go find it when I started writing this; check it out over there? @MsKRS_stitches) but the dress is Butterick’s Fast & Easy B6207 View B….I whipped it up out of some pretty, Wintry sweater knit I snagged on one of my trips to the thrift store….It has Silver sparkles in the fabric but of course I’m still using my old Cool Pix instead of sneaking and using my Huny’s new camera….He has such a cool one I’m afraid to mess with it!…I’ll just wait until he gives me the tutorial at least….I put elastic in the sleeves to keep ’em kinda snug on my arm too (the only alteration I made)…..I didn’t realize how sheer the fabric was so it all worked out when I decided to layer it with my Kimono….I felt like a ole’ Jezebel with no panty hose on but I wore my Lolita coat over everything so I was plenty warm and covered up… I have no idea where the Kimono pattern is so I can share the number; which makes no sense because while I’m creatively messy I only keep my patterns in one spot….its hiding I guess…I whipped the Kimono up in a psychedelic printed knit fabric that had been hoarding for just the right project….that fabric came from Hancock’s of course….the tunic length Kimono did not disappoint in any way; sewing nor wearing….I rediscovered my Gray boots which made me quite happy that day too….I didn’t want to wear my Black ones; they just didn’t “go” you know?…and Brown or Taupe wasn’t gone’ cut it either…but alas, I have Gray ones!….I bought ’em I know at least 4 years ago from Target….yassssssss to good finds!…..I feel like I have so much to say and post but that’s what I get for taking so long in between posts….I’ll be back soon I promise; my new laptop promotes more posts! LOL!….Pictures now!…and if I rambled and didn’t share the info you needed out of this post just let me know! I ‘ll clarify as best I can! (smile)
What has everybody been sewing?….Share the links!

this fabric is so soft!….it was super easy to work with and sewed up good despite my “meh” face…

My Babygirl could have told me to fix my underwear smdh…..I guess focus on that hem goodness….it looks pretty good there…..I don’t think I was ready on any of these pictures though….She was justa’ snappin’….I couldn’t take no more than this….I need more piccie enthusiasm……Lawd…..

Back shot….

Can you dig it? 


"Check"ing on New Look Patterns again

Good afternoon all!…I’m doing all right today; I just finished a super cute dress so you know I’m happy as eva’….I’ve been in my sewing room all day tinkering around; I had to untangle everything in my haberdashery bag, find a couple of buttons, and I even put my zipper collection in a cool Charming Charlie bag I just couldn’t throw away…..This dress has a lot of little details like hook & eye install and of course a long arse back zipper….I was going to use this cool Tangerine-colored old school zipper I have in my stash but it seemed like I could have used it better on something else…I had another Orange zipper in my stash though (because I’m a chronic notions shopper) so I just used that one….It worked out nicely too….
Now I’ve made almost all five of the views this pattern offers; if not I know I at least made four of them as of today….I love the sleeves so much but I didn’t add my beloved collar though…I have this cool choker I just copped so I left the collar off this one to wear it when I wear my dress….I wonder if I can make it faux though……It can be done; the technique is in one of my Threads issues…..Imma try that and make View 6 for ’em! LOL!…I used a Orange checked fabric I have been hoarding for quite some time now; at least 3 years…..I couldn’t cut it for some reason!….Nothing was worthy of it until I decided to revisit this pattern and this fabric instantly popped in my mind to use…I forget where I got it from but I believe I ordered it online from Hancock’s Fabrics…that place is my FAVE….the fabric didn’t fail either and it sewed up quite nicely…it was a breeze to work with…..This pattern has six darts that makes the fit so contour and awesome.!….It’s got a slight stretch too so its quite comfy as well…..I have all the feels about this dress I swear…..
I added a decorative hem to it, well because my new machine has so many of them….it didn’t photograph well though; maybe when I wear it I can get a good shot….I grabbed a new iron from Target (Shark brand) about a month or so ago too (if I didn’t already tell y’all) and it made for some damn good pressing too…I used a bit of heavy starch as well…Pink Cookie is sitting purty wearing my new digs I tell you what (in my Hank Hill voice)…..The pattern is from New Look Patterns and its one of the first ones I found when my MadMen obsession began….Its been in my stash for a while….I made View E this go ’round….I started it last night and I could have finished it too buuuuutttttt I had some wine and things got a little fuzzy hehehehehehe…..I’m waiting on some more Hot Patterns in the mail; four of them to be exact….I guess I’ll go check the mail and start another project right?!?!…Pictures now ummkay….

Hot Patterns LOVE

Good evening good people and I hope all is well….This was a lazy Saturday for me which consisted of sleeping in, eating breakfast, taking a nap, then coming in my sewing room to mess around….I’m still debating on if I should start a new dress; I have some large print Gingham that I’ve been hoarding for at least two years….I feel my everlasting MadMen obsession taking over that fabric….it probably will….
Now this post is about my new found love of Hot Patterns and me sewing up one of ’em….My latest make is the Riviera Annisette Dress…the pattern also has a top view but y’all already know my love for dresses just would not allow me to make the top first….the pattern called for knits; which was right up my alley because I love me some knit fabric….I had couple knits in mind when I decided to make it too….a cool, kinda Fall-friendly knit fabric and another sheer printed knit made up my new dress and I just love it the best!…..I traced this pattern on my Swedish tracing paper so I could preserve my pattern because it has so many sizes….Why is it called “Swedish” though?..Does anyone know?…I’ll find out one of these days…..anyway, I just wanted to keep ’em intact this go ’round….
When I got started I noticed that Hot Patterns doesn’t have many instructions at all; which means it cant teach sewing or any sewing techniques you know?…actually it was just pattern pieces and information….these patterns are not for the newbies but I still recommend they grab at least one or two for their new found sewing obsession….they will WANT to understand these cool patterns because they’re just that awesome….now I made mine with NO issues or unpicking whatsoever….Imma tell y’all I felt like everything when I finished this dress….I put sleeves, bands, yokes and some mo’ together with my sewing brain….I surprised myself!…I believe I can finally say I’m a seamstress with a straight face…..I think I’m ready for a Marfy too….(even though I just made a disaster of a skirt right before this dress; and wore it any damn way LOL)…..
The fabrics came from, you guess it Hancock’s Fabrics….I had both in my stash for a little while…..This particular pattern isn’t available anymore though; I’m lucky I got one of the last few left….they have many more cute arse ones though so no biggie….Go check em out when time permits at….they’ll be hearing from me soon again too!…Okay pictures now….

Simplicity again; a skirt

Good afternoon everybody!…I hope all is well and you’re all right today….I’m doing well too; can complain but I won’t….I
 got up earlier than I expected myself to (9am) because I told myself I would sleep all the way in….the sewing bug disagreed and so I am now the proud owner of a flow-y skirt….I believe I meant to make this skirt a while ago but I probably changed my mind…I remember wanting to but I believe I made a McCall’s one instead….This skirt is courtesy of Simplicity again; they’ve been having some cool patterns lately (pattern number in the photos)…..
I decided to make View B; which doesn’t have a waistband but I cut one out anyway….I’ll probably add it the next time I wear it because I already see myself styling it differently than I will today….and the lack of waistband on the view I chose didn’t stop me from being confused because there were no instructions on how to sew the waistband onto my view…..I so have “derrrrr” moments sometimes….Well at least I don’t have to cut it out and its already ready already…hahahahahaha
My skirt was whipped up using some 44 inch wide quilting cotton I scored from Tuesday Morning on one of my “I wont buy anything today; I’ll just look trips”…..I paid $20 bucks for 5 yards of it; but the tag said it was originally $55 bucks….I was going to work with my usual (knits) but I opted to work with some good ole’ cotton today….sewed up quite well with no unpicking or other snags….it was a very quick sew too….The fabric looks kinda Ankara-ish which is why I chose it for this dress AND the reason I’m adding the waistband on the very next wear….I almost did it today but the way I’m wearing it wont show it off much so I can wait I suppose….
I’m still in the runnings for a new iron but I cant decide on if I want an Oliso, Rowenta, or something I saw called a “Low Boy”…..I really don’t have time for another contraption though; which made me kinda shy away from the whole “Low Boy” set up….However the Oliso was coooooolllll….the Rowenta kinda looked too big and bulky but I liked some of its features a lot….okay I’m rambling like I tend to do so I’ll talk to you good folks later….Have y’all been sewing any makes lately?…..any suggestions on a new iron?….let me know!

Thrifty Simplicity; Jiffy that is…..

Hey y’all hey!  How’s everybody!…I hope you’re enjoying this here evening; I must say I’m all right ’cause I’m propped up in my sewing room….It’s National Sewing Month and this is my first make….I swear my “real” job gets in my sewing way….Sometimes after work days I tell myself I’m going  right to sleep when I get home (I get off at 4:30-5pm)…I just feel super tired from dealing with so many damn personalities all day; just mentally drained you know?….but that sewing bug bit a chunk out of me last night and I started sewing even though I was tired and had a pounding headache for going on three days…allergies along with this “rough” fire is NOT agreeing with me smh….

Now I just copped a few new patterns a couple days ago (Hancock’s had a big sale; and its still going on….(I may or may not have to stop back by there before it’s over *in my sneaky voice*)…The one I sewed up is Simplicity S0293; a Jiffy pattern that doesn’t have a lot of pieces to fiddle with; I made View A….I used a printed knit I got on one of my trips to the thrift store….I got about 2 1/2 yards for like 4 bucks….I just love those places, always have….I only wish I could share all this stuff with my Bigmama now….She used to take me over there quite a bit; my eldest aunt on my Mama’s side of the fam’ did too…Good times I tell you what (in my Hank Hill voice)…..The fabric is a medium weight, printed knit that was a dream to work with….the print reminded me of Q-Bert!..I never could play that game; always jumped over the side and died! LOLOL…but anyway I must say again how much I love sewing with knits!….I’m glad I didn’t find out folks were supposed to fear them until I already loved working with ’em….My stash boasts plenty cool ones too….the pattern called for Batiks, Crepe, Sateen, and the like but since I used a knit I eliminated the zipper and the hook & eye (although I still kinda wanted to add one of my OG vintage zippers) ….I don’t usually add such hardware on my knits although this one could have definitely handled some……
One of my Insta sewing friends told me to “beware of the deep V” in the front but that’s right why I bought it!….It so channels my MadMen obsession too (yeah, that’s still happening)….
that’s all I saw was the ladies of my show and my Aunties “back in the day”….I probably could pull out a picture of them in the poses of the ladies on the envelope right now!….they used to be sooooo fly and beautiful with thee most perfect Afros…..This pattern screamed nostalgia and I heard it loud and clear….Matter of fact, that particular pattern wasn’t even included in the sale Hancock’s was having (I usually wait until the patterns are $2); I paid $11 for it; I didn’t want to wait until the sale so home it came!….(it was actually 40% the regular price; which is around $20) 
It sewed up pretty quick; don’t know how long it took me though…I finished it last night with only the hem left today…I hemmed it up when I got home and gave it another pressing….I believe I need a new iron now too….the one I have has served its purpose and I’ll be forever grateful; however it must go! LOL….My lil’ lemon-lime colored Black and Decker will more than likely be gifted to my niece; along with some other things….(She’s so awesome; she HAND SEWS and her Aunt does so NOT hahaha)…
Okay y’all I know I rambling so I’ll share the flicks now….
Talk to you good people soon!
See the price tag?….Brings back so many memories for me *le sigh*

MsKRS’s interpretation of “The V” on the Simplicity Jiffy S0293 

Back shot….
Pink Cookie wearing that dress hunty! hahahaha!

Shot of the side 

Fashion; Butterick style

Good evening!…I’m sitting here relaxing, watching Seinfeld cracking up!…I swear the stuff they do and say is a mess!…I love the episode when someone talked Jerry into wearing a frilly “pirate” shirt; he was so embarrassed!…the reason why he was talked into it is because the person he was talking to was a “low talker”…..he couldn’t hear her so he just agreed to the shirt without knowing!…friggin’ hilarious!
Now this post is about a dress I finished today; Butterick’s Fast & Easy Fashion Express 1 Hour Pattern B5211….When I sewed this pattern before I made View B….this go ’round I made View C….When I first saw the views I didn’t care for View C at all and I especially didn’t like the sleeves….but let me tell you the sleeves are what I like most about my new dress….Sewing is funny like that sometimes….Like I can have a fabric that I think is just hideous…then one day I’ll be looking for that fabric and I always seem to turn it into something nice….Sewing perk/quirk #515 amiright?….
I used a printed knit I snagged on one of my thrifting trips…its an “old lady” fabric which made me want it more…the print kinda looks like buttons!…the sewing perks/quirks just keep on happening!….I eliminated the pockets for no reason except that I felt the dress didn’t need them….I was going to eliminate the facings too until I found thee cutest coordinating scrap in my stash; so I went ahead and added them….it gave the dress a sort of coolness around the collar area because I used a smooth cotton….the facings were going to be eliminated too because its just so hot around here ~ if I would have used the same fabric I used for the dress I know it would have felt like I had on some kind of scarf! oh hell NO…..not when its already an oven outside….just NO….but it worked out like always….
I did most of the work last night with only the hemming left this afternoon….I’m getting good at this patience thing with my knits….maybe because I seem to sew with them quite often nowadays….I have a considerable amount of knits in my stash; and thinking of getting more from GirlCharlee in the very near future….I’ve never bought any fabric from them; but I have definitely been stalking them lately….I’ll probably do the Sew Indie thing too so Hot Patterns will hear from me soon I know….Lolita Patterns has an entire spread of patterns to use for the challenge; now that’s awesome!….Maybe I’ll cop something from both of ’em!…
Well I guess I’ll share my pictures now….I didnt take too many this time because I was kinda in a rush; on my way to a babyshower…..I’m getting kinda tired too….the sun has zapped a bunch of my energy…I’m trying to refuel with a bottled water but it’s not helping much….I might just nap for a minute….then I’ll be up the rest of the night in my sewing room….not that that would be a bad thing….
Who’s been making stuff?….Share your makes with me!….talk to you good people later….