About me, Christy!

Why thank you for stopping by! My name is Christy but my friends call me Chris. Sewing completely took over my life around the Spring of 2010; I started out as a bag lady and eventually began to sew my own clothes too. Fabric is my kryptonite; and I love an “ugly” fabric because somehow it always sews into something beautiful! I wake up and go to sleep thinking of sewing or something sewing related like the crazy sewing lady I am.

*I was born and raised in Sunny California; live here currently with my bad ass Husband and kitty girl Harlee Quinn….

*I sew nearly every day and if I don’t sew I’m reading about sewing, looking at sewing magazines, looking for inspo on the internet, or something else sewing or fabric based…it really is an addiction but hey things could be worse amiright?….

*I don’t have a favorite color; I just could never choose one out of so many….I love all colors but now that I think about it I do prefer brighter and primary colors over pastels and other softer ones….

*Vintage stuff and anything old school is my thing too; I still watch Mad Men reruns to this day (if you haven’t met Don and Betty Draper you may want to soon)….I love to sew with patterns from back in the day, they are so much easier to work with….

Come back and visit as much as you like and if you sew too share with me! I don’t mind talking sewing either! I’m an open book~ask me anything!

XOXOXO, Christy!

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