Chictopia Re-discovered

Well good night it should be but I’m up watching karate movies with my husband!…I was able to have him home with me ALL DAY today; but there’s a bittersweet reason why….he has a hand injury which happened maybe three weeks ago and came home with a calf injury last night….I convinced him to just stay home and rest and whadaya know? It worked! Now when he’s home we have to watch “guy stuff” which consists of a lot of gunfire and fighting….so far we’ve watched Enter the Dragon, IP Man, and something with guys who were trying to escape after they stole money from some other guys….the other movies I can’t remember because I really start to glaze over after so many gunshots you know?….

Now this post is going to be a short one because its not featuring anything new although I have still been sewing>>hides face in shame<<….yall should know my laziness by now yeah? LOL…this post is about a website I rediscovered while ignoring all these man movies… do yall remember Chictopia?…its a website that folks post outfits on and it is so awesome!…turns out I still love it a whole lot; so much so that I decided to post an outfit on the site after quite a few years!…this post was because I wanted to test the link they gave me for voting; and if you wanna hype me up gone’ ‘head and vote for me and browse around while you’re at it…I know you’ll find something you like! **the link didn’t work but the one below does**

Go to , search “MsPackard” and vote for my outfit!…oh and if you decide to join the site let me know so I can be one your first followers!



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