No. 12 Pain-y sewing with a purty color

Now this evening I’m feeling very down; one of my cats passed away yesterday out of no where.  He wasn’t a senior cat nor was he sick.  We just don’t know what happened and needless to say I have quite the headache from the thoughts of him being gone and the tears.  I won’t talk to much about it because frankly it’s quite hurtful.  Luckily I have sewing as therapy and I promise you I used it today to ease the pain….

I started my first make of the year this past Thursday and it would’ve been finished that day however my Granddaughter came over and took over my night.  I was barely able to cut it out between her hiding under the table pulling the fabric down to her wanting me to pick her up.  Yesterday was no good because of what I mentioned in the beginning of this post.  So today I decided to take my mind off of it all and go ahead and finish my top.  This is the second time I’ve sewn this top but the first time I blogged it.  If you fancy seeing the first one it’s pictured on my Instagram.  Yall, I LOVE this pattern.  Like totally LOVE it….its such a easy and cool sew; its just something about those old school patterns that gets me every time.  The instructions page is so freshly encouraging and the instructions themselves are always so easy to follow.  Such a refreshing change to sewing these “new wave” patterns that are often so purposely difficult and sometimes flat out wrong.  I’m a vintage kinda gal for sure.

The Cowl Neck Top~~”Simplicity  E.S.P. is the Extra Sure Pattern–for fool-proof sewing…for time-saving…for fit…for fabric direction…for fashion…for Extra Sewing Pleasure, the E.S.P. pattern does it.  

  • new, easier sew-sure pattern
  • specially developed shortcuts to sewing
  • three-size pattern for sure fit
  • one fabric width most appropriate to design
  • fashion tips to stretch your wardrobe

For you …today’s busy woman…our Extra Special Person…we make beautiful use of your time!  You want good fashion…The Cowl Top is versatile, it’s casual, sportive…in a glitter knit, it’s a glamorous evening top.  You can wear it with jeans… or a velveteen skirt.  

When they include words like this it makes me think they knew me personally!!! (Even though I was only two at the time!)  I mean they mentioned glitter knit come on!!!!  Yep, I’ll say the folks at Simplicity know me realllllyyyyy well!

I whipped up Simplicity’s E.S.P #8111; this pattern made its debut in 1977.  It’s described as a Misses Pullover Top/the Cowl Neck Top and I cut the 16.  It only has 4 pattern pieces with no facings or anything else fussy which makes you wanna whip up ten of ’em in a row!  The pattern calls for knits (as usual cause yall know knits are my absolute fave) and I took to my stash and pulled out some sweater knit that was buried under some denim pieces I’m currently hoarding.  The fabric’s description was just as cool as the pattern’s are.   The fabric is 100% Poly Sheer Fuzzy Sweater Knit in the color “Hyacinth”.  Merriam-Webster describes the color as a “light to moderate purple” but I thought about the flower when I saw the color.  I got the fabric from Fabric Mart which is doing an beyond awesome job of filling the void of losing my beloved Hancock’s Fabrics by the way.  Thank yall folks at Fabric Mart kindly for that too!  Okay I’ve rambled long enough so I’ll share the pictures and talk to you good people soon!



Front View of my new Cowl Neck Top…gone’ ‘head Simplicity!  dscn3541

a close-up of the cowl


Side view one


Shot of the back


Side view two


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