No. 10 Butterick x 3, a Slinky, a Slinky

Evening all!….Been messing around in my sewing space ever since I got up this morning…all that time only yielded one item though…a Butterick beauty to be exact; B5815 View C….although this pattern had just 4 pattern pieces the fabric is why it took me ALL DAMN DAY to finish it…I actually started it yesterday; I pinned the main dress pieces with only the sleeve pieces left to pin……when I got up this morning I did that and started cutting….of course the fabric is surfing all over my cutting table; I guess I should have expected it right?**the fabric has palm trees on it and looks really, really beach-y (side eye)….don’t even ask me why I’m all of sudden I’m reaching for the most annoying fabrics (the chiffons, the laces, and shantungs) that live in my stash but they have been catching my eye for the last few sewing sessions….I’m even thinking of sewing my next project in some more slinky arse fabric wtf?……I guess I like living on the edge?….the irked edge at that….for this dress I used a Maggy London 100% poly chiffon with Blueberry palm trees printed on a White background; bought from Fabric Mart…I knew all too well the fabric would get on my nerves but the print was all ‘dat so I snagged a couple yards of it….I LOVE PRINTS and my fabric stash displays my devotion….

This is my 3rd time making this pattern; I really like it…the first go ’round I used a pretty arse printed knit that I cut waaaaaayyyy too big…I botched the sleeves pretty bad too so I now wear it as a gown….the second time I made the pattern I made the top view in a super cute printed cotton…that was the BEST make using this pattern…all the different fabrics draped differently and beautifully….the top version is my favorite make with this pattern and I have yet to make the tunic version….I may not make that version though because I plan to wear this make as a tunic….all three views have the super girly tulip sleeves which I so love….I facked up the neckline twice on this dress which forced me to unpick the delicate fabric for at least an hour or so…ugggghhhhh….and after all that damn unpicking it still looked a mess when I sewed it back up….I shoulda’ did a rolled hem but I was already cussing and the rolled hem would have just added fuel to the fire…so instead I just ranted and raved a little bit and moved on….I finally finish it and the Critic (my Huny) comes in to share his opinion….His words were: “you can see right through it; I don’t know about all that but its nice though Babe”….I’ll take that as he likes it and he’ll be inspecting my outfit when I decide to wear it smh…That guy I tell ya’!….

I guess I’ll share the pictures now…Who’s been sewing with the slinkiest of slinky fabrics lately?….Do you like sewing with them?  Why or why not?….My favorite fabrics to sew with are knits and cottons?…what are your favorite fabrics to work with?….Share with a Sista!…Talk to you good folks soon!



Butterick B5815 View C in chiffon; in effin chiffon! oh hell no….


Side one


the back; the pattern called for cutting both pieces on the fold but I always cut two back pieces to distinguish the front from the back…..MsKRS’ sewing hack #15


Side two


Pattern of the night! Butterick is all right with me!


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Nichelle Shayne

I sew a whole lot, I buy waaaaayyyyy too much fabric, and I have an obsession with books (especially sewing books and magazines), shoes, and fat quarters (and I don't even quilt)...Bags will always hold a special place in my heart; I still make em from time to time.....random fact about me**the pin cushions on the front page were made by my Mama and me....She made the yellow one and I whipped up the red one.....I can ramble all day about sewing and I feel a good ramble coming on sewwwww I'll stop here (pun intended).....Oh! My name is Christy but all my friends call me Chris!

4 thoughts on “No. 10 Butterick x 3, a Slinky, a Slinky”

    1. Thanks Tash! My daughter already claimed it! It fits her much better anyway!..(I may bust the seams! Lol) But she has little slip dresses that she wears under sheer stuff….😄


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