No.1 MsKRS’ Pink Stitches and a skirt

Well now this takes me back….I haven’t blogged in a while and I miss it so….I’ve been sewing so many things (as usual) but the blogging part of it has escaped me…..Notice the change?….Yeah, I finally followed through with my threat of having a paid blog….I like the freedom!…I may or may not transport the content of my old blog into this one; thus far it has proven to be quite the headache….”Out with the old in with the new” may have to be the solution….I don’t mind though; I have plenty of stuff to share on my shiny, new blog!

Now this post is about yet another pretty but strange piece of fabric that turned out to be something awesome….that happens quite often in my sewing life because if I like it I’m buying it…I’ll use it one day is my saying when buying fabric…I shop a lot online so its always sight unseen…I have a loooottttt of unusual fabrics in my stash….the one used to make my skirt was no different….the description on the fabric was as follows: Black/Aqua/Blue/Purple Cotton/Lycra Paisley Border Print Sateen”…..what the hell? LOL the longest name ever amiright?….the fabric store had to sub the long named fabric for what I actually received so I believe my fabric is some sort of tablecloth fabric….nevertheless I still love it…. so of course when said today is the day I make my Mimi G. Regal Maxi skirt I went looking for it…It’s heavy weight in terms of fabric; she suggested a shantung….I never, ever follow any sewing rules sooooo…..I understand why she suggested the shantung or something similar though, but I solved that too…the video teaching how to make it was awesome and super easy to follow and I know I’ll be making this skirt many more times….I have two fabrics in mind right now….

When I was in the process of making it my Hunny describes my skirt as a “weird 1800’s skirt”…Kinda harsh yeah?…but in his defense I looked pretty puffy when I was fitting myself for the waist band….I made it too big at first and the fit was pretty unflattering….but today when he saw Pink Cookie modeling it for my pictures he recanted his unfavorable description of my Regal Maxi….its REGAL for crying out loud! hahahaha!….gotta love his honesty…..anyway I’m rambling like I tend to do so I’ll share the pictures now…

Let me know how you like the new space!…Share your new makes with me!….Has anyone made this skirt lately or something similar?…Let me know!


MsKRS’ Regal Maxi
Side shot…oh and it has pockets….
sash I just winged with the leftover fabric….
Look at all this jazz….I love this skirt more every time I look at it….a top to wear with it coming up!

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