"Check"ing on New Look Patterns again

Good afternoon all!…I’m doing all right today; I just finished a super cute dress so you know I’m happy as eva’….I’ve been in my sewing room all day tinkering around; I had to untangle everything in my haberdashery bag, find a couple of buttons, and I even put my zipper collection in a cool Charming Charlie bag I just couldn’t throw away…..This dress has a lot of little details like hook & eye install and of course a long arse back zipper….I was going to use this cool Tangerine-colored old school zipper I have in my stash but it seemed like I could have used it better on something else…I had another Orange zipper in my stash though (because I’m a chronic notions shopper) so I just used that one….It worked out nicely too….
Now I’ve made almost all five of the views this pattern offers; if not I know I at least made four of them as of today….I love the sleeves so much but I didn’t add my beloved collar though…I have this cool choker I just copped so I left the collar off this one to wear it when I wear my dress….I wonder if I can make it faux though……It can be done; the technique is in one of my Threads issues…..Imma try that and make View 6 for ’em! LOL!…I used a Orange checked fabric I have been hoarding for quite some time now; at least 3 years…..I couldn’t cut it for some reason!….Nothing was worthy of it until I decided to revisit this pattern and this fabric instantly popped in my mind to use…I forget where I got it from but I believe I ordered it online from Hancock’s Fabrics…that place is my FAVE….the fabric didn’t fail either and it sewed up quite nicely…it was a breeze to work with…..This pattern has six darts that makes the fit so contour and awesome.!….It’s got a slight stretch too so its quite comfy as well…..I have all the feels about this dress I swear…..
I added a decorative hem to it, well because my new machine has so many of them….it didn’t photograph well though; maybe when I wear it I can get a good shot….I grabbed a new iron from Target (Shark brand) about a month or so ago too (if I didn’t already tell y’all) and it made for some damn good pressing too…I used a bit of heavy starch as well…Pink Cookie is sitting purty wearing my new digs I tell you what (in my Hank Hill voice)…..The pattern is from New Look Patterns and its one of the first ones I found when my MadMen obsession began….Its been in my stash for a while….I made View E this go ’round….I started it last night and I could have finished it too buuuuutttttt I had some wine and things got a little fuzzy hehehehehehe…..I’m waiting on some more Hot Patterns in the mail; four of them to be exact….I guess I’ll go check the mail and start another project right?!?!…Pictures now ummkay….

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Nichelle Shayne

I sew a whole lot, I buy waaaaayyyyy too much fabric, and I have an obsession with books (especially sewing books and magazines), shoes, and fat quarters (and I don't even quilt)...Bags will always hold a special place in my heart; I still make em from time to time.....random fact about me**the pin cushions on the front page were made by my Mama and me....She made the yellow one and I whipped up the red one.....I can ramble all day about sewing and I feel a good ramble coming on sewwwww I'll stop here (pun intended).....Oh! My name is Christy but all my friends call me Chris!

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