Hot Patterns LOVE

Good evening good people and I hope all is well….This was a lazy Saturday for me which consisted of sleeping in, eating breakfast, taking a nap, then coming in my sewing room to mess around….I’m still debating on if I should start a new dress; I have some large print Gingham that I’ve been hoarding for at least two years….I feel my everlasting MadMen obsession taking over that fabric….it probably will….
Now this post is about my new found love of Hot Patterns and me sewing up one of ’em….My latest make is the Riviera Annisette Dress…the pattern also has a top view but y’all already know my love for dresses just would not allow me to make the top first….the pattern called for knits; which was right up my alley because I love me some knit fabric….I had couple knits in mind when I decided to make it too….a cool, kinda Fall-friendly knit fabric and another sheer printed knit made up my new dress and I just love it the best!…..I traced this pattern on my Swedish tracing paper so I could preserve my pattern because it has so many sizes….Why is it called “Swedish” though?..Does anyone know?…I’ll find out one of these days…..anyway, I just wanted to keep ’em intact this go ’round….
When I got started I noticed that Hot Patterns doesn’t have many instructions at all; which means it cant teach sewing or any sewing techniques you know?…actually it was just pattern pieces and information….these patterns are not for the newbies but I still recommend they grab at least one or two for their new found sewing obsession….they will WANT to understand these cool patterns because they’re just that awesome….now I made mine with NO issues or unpicking whatsoever….Imma tell y’all I felt like everything when I finished this dress….I put sleeves, bands, yokes and some mo’ together with my sewing brain….I surprised myself!…I believe I can finally say I’m a seamstress with a straight face…..I think I’m ready for a Marfy too….(even though I just made a disaster of a skirt right before this dress; and wore it any damn way LOL)…..
The fabrics came from, you guess it Hancock’s Fabrics….I had both in my stash for a little while…..This particular pattern isn’t available anymore though; I’m lucky I got one of the last few left….they have many more cute arse ones though so no biggie….Go check em out when time permits at….they’ll be hearing from me soon again too!…Okay pictures now….

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