MsKRS and the case of the mystery patterns

Good evening everybody!…I’m up watching Big Bang Theory and talking with my babygirl….the cats are running through here like they always do around this time which usually makes me close my door on ’em…they are very noisy and hyper around this time….but tonight I’m letting ’em run in and out of my room too….they sneak in my sewing room and inspect everything any chance they get; if I see ’em in there though I make ’em leave….I believe my guy cat already stuck himself with a pin or two…I notice he doesn’t try to jump up on the sewing counter where they are anymore…poor thing, poor nosy thing…smh….
I got dressed earlier with some of my makes but for some reason I cant find the patterns I used to sew them!….I looked twice for the patterns in my pattern drawers with no I cant share the pattern numbers…but if I find them I’ll make an a quick update….I do know that the top is one of the first patterns I ever bought; its one of those patterns with just one view…I got it from Wal-Mart at least a good 5 years ago…it was one of those 97 cents ones….and the skirt I’m pretty sure is Christine Hayne’s circle skirt pattern, but I have quite a few now so I cant say for sure….I do believe its hers though….I made this skirt and top a while back; I just had never worn them before….the skirt I believe had already needed a repair; I didn’t sew the band on very well at first so I had to fix that….and the top went with it perfectly although I made it out of boredom one day a few months ago without the skirt in mind….sewing works out like that….
I used a glittery knit fabric for the top….the glittery stuff is hot Pink although it didn’t photograph well at all…I swear I need a new camera to show more detail…I’m working on it….the skirt got whipped up out of a kinda stretchy, tie-dye cotton fabric…I got them both from Hancock’s, ordered online…You just never know what your going to get unless you order a swatch which is something I never do….any “ugly” fabrics always ends up being something pretty anyway so I just take my chances!…I liked both of these when I got ’em in the mail….
I didn’t really feel like taking pictures today either but my Sweetest persuaded me to….I’m glad he did because I told myself I would post more…it was sprinkling today and I just wasn’t in the mood…it wasn’t all that gloomy though, just a little wet….He snapped a few for me, I came back inside, and went back to sleep….I was tired today; I needed rest which is probably what contributed to my mood earlier and me being up writing right now…I may even sew up a quick top or skirt before I go back to sleep ’cause the sewing bug is definitely biting….I just keep looking at these sweater knits I have in there….Well here are the mystery clothes and I’ll show you good people something else in a few….

I love this fabric….well, both of them…

Blahhhh to the rainy days….wasn’t too cold though at least….

Published by

Nichelle Shayne

I sew a whole lot, I buy waaaaayyyyy too much fabric, and I have an obsession with books (especially sewing books and magazines), shoes, and fat quarters (and I don't even quilt)...Bags will always hold a special place in my heart; I still make em from time to time.....random fact about me**the pin cushions on the front page were made by my Mama and me....She made the yellow one and I whipped up the red one.....I can ramble all day about sewing and I feel a good ramble coming on sewwwww I'll stop here (pun intended).....Oh! My name is Christy but all my friends call me Chris!

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