A "WTF" post

First off, let me say that I’m sorry I’m NOT sorry about this post….Earlier today, I experienced something quite annoying to say the least….Now if you’ve been following along or just “met” me then you know I AM A HAPPY BLACK GIRL…..I write about it, I live it, and I don’t mind who knows….that is what I have always been ever since I could remember because my parents made sure I was…and no, not material sh*t but REAL LOVE….this made my brother and myself very happy and mentally sound kids….in fact, their teachings are the reason why I didn’t flash today when I was referred to as “the Black girl”….now it may seem like I’m contradicting myself but this episode was blatant disrespect….there is a fine line that wise people do NOT cross when referring to folks and earlier this person sprinted over that line on purpose…..

I guess this post is about the still remaining stupidity of some folks when it comes to interacting with Black people….why is it so damned hard for folks to relax and talk like they do when they are addressing someone else?….I know exactly why; but I won’t share because I for one don’t generalize….I’m still “feeling some kinda way” about what was said to me earlier and I obviously have NOT gotten over it….I always flip out and cringe when I’m researching my ancestors and learn exactly how they were treated; however the shame about it is that there are folks who wouldn’t mind if it were the same as it was…like the bi*ch I encountered earlier…..so. fukken. horrible. 
This is a vent post; just a bunch of rambling because I felt like I had to do something to get this sh*t out of my head….when I really want to bust hers….
Yeah, I’m a Black girl, a Black Woman to be exact….I also happen to be a human being with feelings, a mother, a sister, a friend, a blood born seamstress, and much more….So if your eyes are lacking clear vision when you look at me then turn your face that way……My name is Christy…..

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