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Good evening all!…I know I haven’t blogged in a while (forgive me) but I’ve been doing the paid gig thing and using my free time living away from my laptop lately…I’ve of course still been sewing though and actually feel “behind” because I haven’t shown so many things….they’ll debut in their own time like always though, they always do….
Sooo I say that to say I haven’t taken any pictures of myself (just haven’t been in the mood nor had the time; or so it seems) however I couldn’t help but share my thrifty finds I scored today….Besides sewing, another one of my favorite things to do is go thrifting…Even as a kid I loved it; I would always tag along with my Bigmama when she would go….I mean every single time…I visited those same thrift stores we used to go to this afternoon and like always I found some goodness….I snagged a buncha’ vintage zippers; I always seem to find those when I go….and lots of other cool stuff….I even got a new pack of tracing paper; and its the same pack I had from my Mom’s stash!!!!…the GOOD kind….got a couple brand new McCall’s patterns yayyyy…copped some power awesome Egyptian wall hangings and a couple handmade bowls for my sewing room what-nots…..I didn’t take all the sewing goodness though; I left some for my fellow thrifters looking for treasure….
ahhhhh thrifting at its FINEST…
I was looking for some refashions too but nothing caught my eye like that…I checked out a few blazers but decided not to get one….they just didn’t grab me…I also had my eye out for a small dresser drawer I could refinish with no luck…..I want like two or three drawers for my fabrics…..
Well let me share the wealth of my beyond awesome local thrift stores with you good folks and I’ll talk to you soon….I aim to make my first tulle skirt and charm bracelet this evening so maybe I’ll talk about that next….pictures now…

OMGGGG check out my bowls and wall hangings…could they be more awesome? (in my Chandler Bing voice) 

Sewing booty….

Yeah buddy….my garments feel so much more “me” when I add old school stuff to ’em…

that 95 cents tag on my tracing paper is everything….well to me it is…brings back memories while I’m making more…yep, sewing is my life on top of life….

I even found some frogs!!!!! I’m going to try and dye them though…I don’t think I’ll be needing them to be mustard yellow; I just don’t….

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Nichelle Shayne

I sew a whole lot, I buy waaaaayyyyy too much fabric, and I have an obsession with books (especially sewing books and magazines), shoes, and fat quarters (and I don't even quilt)...Bags will always hold a special place in my heart; I still make em from time to time.....random fact about me**the pin cushions on the front page were made by my Mama and me....She made the yellow one and I whipped up the red one.....I can ramble all day about sewing and I feel a good ramble coming on sewwwww I'll stop here (pun intended).....Oh! My name is Christy but all my friends call me Chris!

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