"Selfie" annoyance, National Sewing Month, and ink

Well howdy everybody!..I was sitting here watching Judge Mathis and I thought about it being National Sewing Month once again…I am just too excited that sewing is recognized for a month!…Gives us sewing folks another reason to whip stuff up….Since I’ve been blogging about my sewing stuff I do try to write more during the month of September; but that doesn’t mean that thought manifests hehehe wishful thinking but I am off to a good start amIrigggghhhhttt?
Its not at all looking anything like Fall around here (temperatures are still in the 100s to high 90s) so I don’t have any projects for that season to show…Buuuuutttttt I am going to make a brightly colored blazer for my first project of the season change to keep my spirits up….I love sunshine and sorry (not sorry) that I do not at all look forward to days without any….Bright sewing projects more than lift my spirits though, and I’ll be all right…..
Now remember when I said I was going to get some sewing-related ink?…well I did a week or so ago (its still healing AND itching); although I took three of thee sh*ttiest pictures of it to show it to yall (I refused to take any more than that because they got worse and worse IMO)…..anybody that knows me personally knows that I simply cannot stand “selfies”! (that’s probably why they didn’t come out right cause I don’t like taking ’em no way)….I won’t go all into why but I just don’t care for endlessly taking pictures of myself….My Babygirl is of the “selfie generation” and she would crack up so loud at me poking fun of her and countless other “selfie” addicts….She has since calmed down on the “selfies” though; maybe she’s becoming a bit more mature….you know, having to work and handle business the time gets away from you IDK but every now and then she snaps one or two, or seven! LOLOLOL!…
Just thought I’d mention that my tattoo artist guy is just so awesome; its like he read my mind…I love the way the old school Singer machines look and of course I have a replica on my arm (without telling him)….I told him the items; like the collage you know, and he drew it up…He sent a picture of it before I got it and I was so HAPPY!…I cannot believe that he drew an old school sewing machine without even knowing I loved them….I like when folks just “get it” you know?…..and I LOVE ARTISTS of any kind and he is one of the reasons why….People that are super awesome at what they do, I can definitely dig it….From the folks that sew to the folks that tattoo, paint, garden, hell even make duct tape art I love ya!…and THANK YOU!…You make the world much, much more interesting and sweet….now let me share these horrendous pictures; I might get my Sweetest to take a few better pictures and add them to this post if he has time…..I probably should….

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