Its safe to say I LOVE McCall’s callers

Good afternoon everybody!…I’m super hungry so this post will be short and sweet; I’m trying to go get something to eat….I believe I want breakfast food right now but I’m not sure….I kinda want a buffet too; I feel really greedy today….I just finished McCall’s M6751 View D again; this time in a Orange knit fabric I had in my stash….I’m sure I bought it from Hancock’s Fabrics though…that’s where the majority of my fabric comes from….My skirt is a knit fabric too; and self-drafted….I just started cutting the fabric one day and this skirt is the has some sparkly stuff on it too but its hard to see in the pictures…..the skirt only has two side seams and an elastic waist; I didnt finish the hem because I knew it would just curl up anyway in the wash…..and my cool Chucks with my girl Cheetara on ’em though!….(She’s one of my alter egos ever since I was a little girl)…..I love, love, love these shoes; I got em from Journey last year sometime….
Okay its time to go get some chow now, and here are the piccies…..
I’ll talk to you good people later and please share with me if you’ve sewn some good stuff lately….I love looking at other folks creations….

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