April showers brings MsKRS pretty flowers

Good evening everybody!…I just finished what was supposed to be a simple dress; well I guess it was….it just took a little longer than I thought it was….no matter though, it turned out super cute and I LOVE it….the sewing bug has been biting very hard this week and today was no different….I fiddled and fiddled until I came up with something I could sew….I looked in my pattern drawer but I didnt feel like sewing up anything in there…..I then took to my sewing books and voila!…I found what Christine Haynes simply refers to as “The Strapless Dress”…..I love her simplicity mixed with a touch of complexity….(remember my super cool sewing book  *Chic and Simple Sewing* my sweetest surprised me with?)….this was my first time whipping this particular dress up although I probably should have been making a top….I really do need more tops….
It took me a couple hours; maybe even three to get my new dress cut out and sewn up…..I added a matching sash just to use the last of the fabric…I’m lucky that I’ve been sewing for a while because I had to get real creative when cutting the pieces out…I only had two yards of this pretty, floral print linen (from Hancock’s Fabrics of course) when I probably needed another fourth or two….needless to say I handled that like a PRO and hooked my new dress right on up….this dress forced me to practice a lot of little techniques that sometimes irritate me such as casings and gathering but I went on ahead and did them anyway….I’m glad I didnt omit anything because the dress would NOT have been as cute forreal….Frasier just came on so I dont want to harass yall too long so here are the photos….thats something I do need to work on….my photos are just so-so like all the time….I need a brighter light and a white backdrop or something….oh well…in due time I guess….photos now….

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