Thanksgiving shopping (I CANNOT wait to eat)

Howdy folks!…How is everyone this fine afternoon?…I’m all right; watching Mrs. Doubtfire for the millionth time….Its on TV right now but I do have it in my DVD collection too….It always cracks me up!…I got some coupons in the mail a couple weeks ago and I saved them…they are some good deals on some of the stuff I need to make my Thanksgiving feast like butter and chicken broth…..This year I’m going to save my receipts to see if I actually do save money by taking advantage of the sales….
I know I’ve been sorta neglecting my blog but I just don’t care for taking pictures of myself every doggone day; although I absolutely wear my creations on a daily basis….I just felt like sharing this dress though, I was compelled….I raved about it and I anticipate wearing it a lot during the colder seasons….
Got a few Pantone colors in it of course; can you spot the main one?…..I love this pattern and fabric…of course it came from Hancock’s Fabrics! (one of my favorite places)….My huny took my pictures again and he always harasses me and takes crazy pictures so excuse them! LOL!…He says he does the best he can but I’m not so sure all the time with these pics….I love him any ole’ way….okay well let me share these photos and get me something to eat…I’m friggin’ STARVING!!!!!
click this link to see photos of the dress on Pink Cookie!…she wore it well! 🙂
and if you fancy reading the original blog post about this dress, scroll on down and read the one titled “What New Look are you rockin’?”….:)

My huny makes me look at him like this when he starts with his shenanigans….LOL!

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