Matchy-Matchy stuff

Hey everybody!…Good afternoon to ya’!…This will be a short post because I have a lot of pictures to share on this post….I’ve made another ensemble; this one is a skirt and matching jacket…Remember my shorts and matching blazer jacket?…apparently I’m still on that hype and I decided to make another outfit that is “matchy-matchy”…..The skirt is View A from Butterick’s B5466; I’ve made View E before and it fits absolutely awesome btw because of the princess seams….this view was the simplest of them all with it just being a straight skirt with 8 darts….The jacket is simply called “The Jacket” from one of my sewing books that has patterns….its came together perfectly this go ’round; I’ve made one before as well….The top is from an old school Simplicity pattern (I forget which number but its from the 80’s) that I found on one of my trips to my local thrift stores….I’ve blogged about all the stuff that I talked about if you wanna read about ’em and see ’em after reading this…Just scroll down the page to my older posts….I got the shoes from Target a couple years ago for like $25-$30 dollars tops….they also had gold and pewter but I just went with the Black…I even made my belt!..I always feel “dy-no-mite” when I wear my creations…All ME everything!…….Well I guess I’ll share these photos now….What have you been sewing?…Are you on the matchy-matchy hype right now?…what about the super sheer hype like my top?….Share with me!

My huny took these photos and did NOT tell me to fix my brassiere….I need my babygirl got dangit! (in my Hank Hill voice)…she would have definitely told me and fixed it too…LOL 😉

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