I’ve been busy?

Good evening all!…I haven’t posted in a little while with what I call some good reasons….Now how is everybody before I start rambling?….I hope everything is well and I’ve been all right; been involved in some cool stuff too….First let me tell you about our picnic….remember the
 HAPPY BLACK GIRL picnic I mentioned a little while ago?….well the turnout was just awesome!…I loved every single minute of it and I cant wait to hang with the folks that I met that day….Of course I was late getting there so my picnic basket wasn’t how I intended it to be….My huny came with me too (usually the cause of all my late arrivals) so we ended up having to settle for some sandwiches from Blimpie’s, chips, and sweet tea….but you should have seen some of the baskets….I spied everything from whole roasted chicken to super healthy cucumber and lemon water!….we had it all; LOVE totally included….HUGE SHOUT OUT TO DEVOYA MAYO; she is a semi-“new” friend (I met her last year sometime and its been on ever since) that is literally FULL OF ADVENTURE….I’m just lucky that she asks me to tag along sometimes….
I’m also working on a super cute shirt with princess seams in the front and the back (of course; I LOVE princess seams) but it is now a UFO (unfinished object)…I didn’t snap any photos of my shirt in progress; I guess because its not done…..I have the buttons/buttonholes and the cuffs left to finish….My new hem gauge from Wawak has the hem speaking to people! (its THAT nice y’all forreal)…I love it and it totally helps; I really needed it in my sewing room…..I’ll take photos when I finish it up which is hopefully soon….
I haven’t really felt like taking any pictures of myself; I don’t want folks to get tired of looking at me….and I also don’t want to appear like a one-hit wonder (only showing my sewing stuff) because I really do have a lot of coolness I do around here and my jack rabbit life…(my Mama used to say I live like a jack rabbit; I have a tendency to run wild sometimes)….She admired that about me and she told me all the time…
Courtesy of Ms. Mayo again I was invited to another cool event in our downtown area called Dinner at the Library…Yes yall, food, books and talking about crafts…I was Devoya’s guest there; even had a  name tag printed up waiting for me!….We talked about crafty goodness and met other like-minded and curious folks…it was a nice atmosphere (afterall, it was at the library) and a good time….It was somewhat formal I guess because I did see a couple people that looked pretty sharp….
Me, I just wore some wedges, wide-legged jeans, and my
HAPPY BLACK GIRL t-shirt….I got a couple side eyes but then again when do I not?….Some folks are just that way….(shrugs shoulders)….I didn’t take photos at this event; it just didn’t seem appropriate….
I just finished a apple cobbler a little while ago too….the apples look soooo good around this time of year; you can tell its apple season…..I grabbed 6 Granny Smith apples the other night when I was getting some dinner stuff….I always eat and use the green apples; I love the tartness….when I was slicing the apples for the cobbler I was snacking ’em up and I kept one to eat later (I used 5 apples for my cobbler)…..I did a crispier crust this go ’round too….I wasn’t feeling the bready crust this time….it came out nice…its cooling now, I’m going to eat a piece in a few….well okay y’all I have rambled on and on….photos now….

 peeling AND eating ’em up….I even bit a corner off one of the cores…hehehehehehe

 at this stage is when I have to restrain myself so that I have enough fruit for what I’m actually cooking…

 Cinnamon-y, sugary Granny Smith’s…..

All done….;)

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Nichelle Shayne

I sew a whole lot, I buy waaaaayyyyy too much fabric, and I have an obsession with books (especially sewing books and magazines), shoes, and fat quarters (and I don't even quilt)...Bags will always hold a special place in my heart; I still make em from time to time.....random fact about me**the pin cushions on the front page were made by my Mama and me....She made the yellow one and I whipped up the red one.....I can ramble all day about sewing and I feel a good ramble coming on sewwwww I'll stop here (pun intended).....Oh! My name is Christy but all my friends call me Chris!

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