Mad Men Mania

Of course I’m up in the middle of night again…I’ve been a latenighter for a as long as I can remember….I get a bit of a break now that my babygirl is a little lady…no need to wake up and get her off to school anymore or the other things the little ones need….but as I said before the duties has not gone but have shifted; I have automatically been elected to take her back and forth to work….no big deal though; I’m not at all complaining…she’s my babygirl!…
Anywho, I just wanted to share some photos of my Mad Men dress I raved about in my last post….I wore it the other day and I got a ton of compliments!…I just love to say “Why thank you! I made it myself!”…..I may never wear my jeans again…they just hang there, looking lonely…but my dresses are just too cool and the more I make them the better they turn out….I am perfecting technique after technique making my dresses damn near perfect!…Well I didn’t have anything much to say this go ’round but I did want to share my Mad Men dress in full effect!

can you see the sleeves?…awesomeness…..

Yep, this is one HOT dress…..really really…..


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