Polka Dots + New Look Patterns

Howdy folks!…I have been kinda busy lately and I’ve had hardly any time to sew up stuff….my life seems so empty when I don’t sew; one of thee main reasons I always have to at least see someone else’s projects or I get serious withdrawals….but wearing the clothes I wear ALWAYS perks me up….
I went with my huny today to a couple of places (he wants a new car) and I wore my pretty polka dot dress on my outing….I got a ton of compliments on it (I already know its very cute; yes I’m tooting my own horn a little)…I love, love, love to say “why thank you, I made it myself!”….Most of the time when I get dressed I have created my entire outfit and that is some kinda coolness I tell you what! :)….Well I really didn’t have much to say this go ’round, and I will share the piccies now…..TTYS

I made this simple tote bag a while back….Ms. Lisa Lam loved it so much she still features it on her website; U-Handbag under “Eye Candy”!….:)

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