Spring in the form of a dress

Howdy folks!…I was going to vent but I decided that trash and trashy folks had no place on my blog so I will just go right on into my new dress…a couple days ago my huny took me to one of my favorite places (Hancock’s Fabrics) and I copped some new fabric and a new pattern…I believe I have mentioned before that I love, love, love New Look Patterns; so I grabbed another one on the way out…
I got New Look Patterns #6799 and I of course made View C…I don’t know why its always View C but it is….I always think that the patterns I choose are going to be easy but they hardly ever are easy as I believe they should be…(that’s why I like patternless stuff)….this one was kind of a doozy and the fabric was even crazier…the fabric I like is mostly always slinky, which makes it a mutha to work with…but alas, I discovered my hemming foot and it made my job much easier…I have a lot of feet to go with my machine but I hardly ever switch them out unless I am doing a zipper….My zipper foot sucks by the way…I wonder if I can get another one……hmmmm…well anyway the hemming foot is cool for slinky fabric; I did my dress’ armholes and hem…it worked like a charm…I’m going to explore more of them and let y’all know how they work out…Well, I only have two photos this evening…the others ones didn’t come out well and I didn’t feel like taking more….(I have been working on this dress for two days)

I added belt loops to my dress at the midriff….I like the midriff panel of this dress too…I may add this to another dress….

with my DIY obi-style belt….Looks cool with or without a belt huh?..(wink-wink)

2 responses

  1. Thank you so much Victoria!…I had a time with it but Im more than happy to wear it! LOL….Visit again anytime and if you have a blog please share it with me so I can visit you too! 🙂


  2. Love the fabric and design, great job!


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