Refashion Coolness

Howdy folks!..The sun is happily shining this afternoon and I am here of course sewing and taking care of home…Y’all remember the simple sheath dress I drafted up from another ready-to-wear one I bought before I started sewing?…well, I decided that I wouldn’t be wearing it as a dress anymore; I washed it and it shrunk or I gained weight one…but that was a new garment; only worn once when it was a dress….I shortened the length a little more and added a super cute split in the back for extra snazziness…it came out nice and the garment as a shirt I know will get much more wear….Im just not that into short skirts or shorts anymore…Is it the age thing?…maybe, maybe not….
Refashion central!….Okay, photos now!

Me, very happy in my self-drafted sheath dress and DIY obi-style belt…I really loved the look but I didn’t want to wear this ensemble or any other with this dress….(shrugs shoulders)

Front side of my new shirt…

Side shot!

A shot of the back…See the split?! 🙂

Neckline shot…Cool fabric if I do say so myself…

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