New Look patterns = My FAVE

Good afternoon yall!…I’m just doing my usual right now which is watching Judge Judy (she’s one of my favorite gals) and sewing…yesterday I scored pretty big at Hancock’s Fabrics; also bought a couple of new patterns….New Look Patterns that is…(they are from Simplicity’s line)….New Look patterns have since become my favorite…I am always grabbing ’em before I even realize they are New Look patterns…they are very nice patterns that can be modified to fit anyone’s taste…
I started on a new dress last night and finished it a little while ago…I was able to practice darts again; which came out damn near perfect and also installed an invisible zipper for the first time…I am the Sugar Honey Iced Tea for that one…it came out very well…not too different from a regular zipper; its just a little twist to it….this dress boasts another cool neckline too!…the necklines on the dresses I have been making are super cool!…this dress is no exception!  Let me share the photos now…I wanna go back into my sewing room to start on another project!

a shot of the invisible zipper!…yeah, I got mad skills…lol

super cool neckline…

New Look pattern 0167 View C

New Look pattern 0167
MsKRS’ purty new dress!

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