A different view = View B

Hi all!…I may seem to be posting a lot this month however March is Craft Month and I do consider sewing to be a craft so I’m participating too….I am going to try to whip up or work on something sewing related or crafty each day this month…Today was no exception because as soon as I woke up I went into my sewing room and started working on a new dress…I flipped through my patterns and my New Look pattern grabbed again; only I made a different view…(remember my Gray dress I blogged about a little while ago?….this is the same pattern but just a few differences….
View B, the sleeveless version caught my eye this go ’round so I started whipping it up…I just finished it a while ago and this is one crazy dress…but I LOVE it!..(what does that say about me? wait, don’t answer that lol)…that super cool neckline that this pattern displays was again called on to make this dress pop…I also used some funky fabrics to make it even crazier…
I learned a lot while making this one…On my Gray dress I omitted the zipper but for this one I installed it….I also was able to practice my hook and eye installation again…Pleating was also required which I must say I’m getting better at….
Now I know this version was supposedly sleeveless but when I was whipping this baby up I was playing around with the armhole facings and like the frilly way it looked when they were flipped out….I like them tucked in also which actually gives me two looks out of this dress!…How cool is that?…well let me share then…

My new dress with the armholes tucked in

A shot of the back of the dress with the armholes flipped out…sorry for the quality of the photos..Im kinda tired this evening…

with the armholes flipped out…cute huh?…

This is the back of the dress…

Pleats!…nice ones too!…

View B down in the right hand corner…the linen colored one…

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