Butterick Beauties

Hey yall!….Last night I started on my dress and finished it sometime early this morning…at like 2 am this morning…I never worry about the time though, as long as I’m sewing….I opted to whip up another dress from one of my new patterns I ordered from Butterick’s new line of patterns….I whipped up the See & Sew B5871 View A….It came together pretty easily just like the pattern indicated…My Mother used to like sewing with Butterick Patterns too and now I know why…they are easy to understand and can be modified easily…Which is great for me because I almost never make the pattern how its written…I always put my own spin on em’….this dress is no exception…I used a seersucker type fabric that has a slight stretch…the pattern called for a knit fabric but I just didn’t see this pattern looking Spring-y using a knit…I like the way it came out; maybe I will try a printed knit on View B….Well let me share the photos now so I can get back in my sewing room…maybe I can whip up something else today!….;)

Purty dress

A shot of the back

Super cool neckline!
My new Butterick Patterns…

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