You aint nothin’ but a houndstooth skirt?

Good afternoon folks!…I’m going to run a few errands today including getting my daughter some new glasses and picking up a few things from Target…This is my outfit this afternoon with my self-drafted skirt, Bucket Bag (courtesy of Ms. Lisa Lam’s Bucket Bag pattern), and my DIY necklace…Now all these things have been showcased before on the blog but I have since started to show photos of me actually wearing the cool stuff I whip up…I just measured myself for the skirt and it came out nice…I used the leftover fabric to make a cool sash to match…My bag I made a while ago with some sweet elephant fabric (I love elephants; have I ever shared that fact about myself?) and my necklace is a new creation I made a couple weeks ago….I feel so accomplished when I wear my own clothes and I know that no one will “match” me!…not that I mind that..;)
Well I guess I will share the photos now….

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