Sewing LOVE Infinity & Muffins

Hey everybody!…with all the buzzard luck I had been having my sewing mojo had wavered…only a little though because I sleep right next to my sewing room!…full view of it at all times…I had my dress fabric and pattern pieces ready to go for almost three weeks…well of course if I’m not actually sewing I am almost always doing something sewing-related so that’s what happened last night…I’m skimming my sewing magazines and the sewing bug takes a big, giant bite out of me and I of course obey by going right on in my sewing room…but it was 11 o’clock at night though!!!!!…but for me it doesn’t matter as I will sew at any time of the day or night..but this dress thing had me up until 6 am this morning messing around with hems and sleeves….so blissful for me though because sewing really makes me feel better; it IS my therapy….In another post I included the pattern…I am starting to get along with them but I still will always love to whip up my own…it seems that I do that anyway because every single item I have ever made I have modified it to fit my own personality and skills set….my skills are improving….I installed my first hook and eye set on this dress as well as a few buttons….I love hand sewing too and I do it a lot because some things just cant be completed without it…I did a couple of repairs for my brother and my friend and my hand sewn stitches are must say are exquisite….that is what I have done the longest though…I surprised myself….;)
Now this isn’t all that sewing related but I am crafty too and I do consider baking to be a craft….a cool one at that…I discovered a yummy muffin recipe within the last 2-3 weeks and my house has been a’buzz ever since…they are called Sugar Donut Muffins and they are GOOOOOOODDDD!!!!!…my daughter loves muffins ever since she was a little girl (she is 18 now) and this recipe did not fail her…my huny couldn’t stay out of em either! LOL!…I found the recipe at and I’m glad I did…the secret ingredient to these muffins is the nutmeg and they just would not be as good without it….check out that site for this recipe and plenty more…browse around when time permits; I will include the link to make it easier (ย  well you know I hate to ramble so I will share the photos of my new dress and those super tasty muffins….Love, Peace, and Sewing!

front shot…

shot of the back…you can barely see my hook and eye installation but it is there…lol

close up of the collar and button from my Mom’s collection of buttons I inherited…
shot of the super cool Britex buttons I installed on the cuffs…I love buttons!…have I ever shared that? ๐Ÿ˜‰

Sugar donut muffins….DELICIOUS…..

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