New year = New projects to whip up

Howdy everybody!..Happy holidays and new year to you all….I never make resolutions because I know there will be ups and downs and rounds and rounds as long as you are alive…I just hope to live healthy, love much, and be peaceful….Now with the shiny new year here comes many thoughts of sewing and new projects; well at least for me it does…(I cant seem to think of much else these days)….I have a new project in mind too…its a commercial pattern; ick because I don’t really like patterns but the dresses were too pretty to pass up AND I need to expand my skills anyway so I opted for a 5 style dress pattern from Simplicity’s New Look line….One of my sewing friends mentioned that I should try Burda patterns and she could not have been more right…they have some really cool patterns; I just hope I can maneuver through them…I also wanted to spruce up my home with some handmade jazz too…I have to make some window treatments this Spring; I hope I am able to find some breezy fabric that brightens up the areas I’ll put them in…
I little birdie told me that there is another Sew It All coming out which makes this the 6th volume and I’m itching to get my hands on it….I may try and sew through it…
I was going to sew this evening but I decided I should drop a line or two instead…but not before I de-fuzzed and oiled my machine for tomorrow’s projects…My visit to Hancock’s today again proved very fruitful; I love that place….well any place where there is fabric, books, and friendly people….Well I have talked enough right!?  Of course I have a photo or two of my latest creations and ideas….Talk to you good folks soon!

My first garment project of 2013…I will show photos of the finished dress when its completed; I plan to sew it up later on….

Wrist warmers….an idea from one of my sewing mags…

A “just because” photo of two of my pincushions…the yellow one was made by my mother and the red one was made by me!…I sure wish she was here..but everything I have ever made was whipped up with her machine…Bittersweet….

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