MsKRS sews stuff

Happy Holidays everyone!…I am not into the holidays these days, I just don’t care for all the hoopla…however I do enjoy the lights and other people’s genuine happiness…its just so commercial that it drains the meaning out for me…I have still been sewing though, I don’t think hardly anything can put a damper on that…..I made my daughter and myself a new wallet…My baby girl had one of those wallets that are really hard; she overstuffed it and it started coming apart…I just wanted a new one with pretty fall colors….when Spring rolls around I will probably “need” another one…I made my baby girl’s with some pretty, bright colors though…she picked them out of my stash….talk to you all soon…photos of our new wallets are below…
I almost forgot I also whipped up a pair of wrist warmers for myself and my huny’s mom…I forgot to take photos of hers but mine are shown below…I’m sharing my new envelope clutch below too made from my own pattern I drafted….my skills are improving nicely if I do say so myself…..

My babygirl’s new wallet…
another shot of my babygirl’s new wallet…kinda crooked, these two photos were taken with my phone because my camera battery needs to be charged…

my new wallet…

another shot of my new wallet….
MsKRS’ new envelope clutch…

Wrist warmers!

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