Well looka’ there!

Hey yall!…I have been getting poked and stabbed by pins for a few hours but the end result I am very proud of…I am getting better at this bag making thing; I must give myself some credit….My Bag Making Bible is a true asset as I use techniques from the book constantly…on my new bag set, I learned how to make gussets and tried another zipper technique…the new zipper technique makes matching zippy pouch look neater, more profesh (in my girl Lisa Lam’s wording)….I wish I had a dressform soooo bad because I know I would have much more clothes to share…I may end up getting one soon…I hope so….I have to go to the stores a little later (Target, Save Mart, Joann’s)….my huny promised me the new SewItAll Volume 4 and I am NOT going to let him forget it!…hehehehe!….Well let me share the latest MsKRS’ creations, I dont wanna bore you with my rambling….I can talk forever, especially when around good friends and my beers!…ttys!

Hot off my machine!…Finished just this afternoon! 🙂


Cobalt Koi and Dots by MsKRS
super cute huh?

My new sunglasses case….I believe I showed this off already…oh well here it is again!

Peek-A-Boo Sunnies!

One response

  1. Lookin Good! I am jealous that I'm not sewing too! Love that new bag too. Janelle


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