Me + my blog

With all that goes on in my life, I sometimes forget to take advantage of the cool little things in life like my blog…..Its almost like my online diary of sewing and other thoughts I have and I tend to ignore it; but not on purpose….My sewing friends are the best…its sooo “me” that I get to view all of their pretty creations….I wish all the time that at least one of them lived closer….some of them live all the way in Australia and the UK!…the ideas they come up with just simply rock….I even follow a few pages on FB that I cant even understand; but the bags are exquisite…..Well, I just wanted to say “Hi” and show off my new skirt I made the other day….I will perfect the next one….hehehehehe well hopefully…..I have some striped knit fabric I was trying to save for the 4th of July festivities I may attend….I have been looking online at patterns and ideas for inspiration for it….I hope there is enough to make a matching bag; I believe I have two yards of it….

Flash face! LOL!….

 I found some very flowy knit fabric at Hancock’s the other day when I visited….very comfortable and Summer-y…

Snuck in a pic of my new sunglasses case….it is very basic..I have a few ideas for the next one…:)…

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